Actor Lee Byung Hun, who, for the past few months, has made headlines for being the victim of a blackmail scandal involving two women, has finally made it to trial. Unfortunately for him, Lee Ji Yeon, the model involved in the scandal, is now making yet another claim about the intimate relationship she says the two of them had. 

During the trial, which began October 16, Lee Ji Yeon stated, "It's true I demanded 5 billion won (close to 5 million dollars), but Lee Byung Hun was the one who got my contact number first and wanted to meet. He told me he would find housing for me and even demanded that we have deep skinship when we were dating. We even had a quarrel in the process."

Following Lee Ji Yeon's statement, Kim Da Hee, a member of the K-pop girl group GLAM who is the second blackmailer in the case, gave her own statement during the trial: "I committed the crime thinking that my close unnie (meaning "older sister" and used when a younger girl related or not is referring to an older girl) had been fooled by Lee Byung Hun. I also thought I could make money with the video. I didn't think it was illegal to do so."

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Of course, Lee Byung Hun denied the claims made by Lee Ji Yeon, and his side believes this is just a way for the girls to shift attention away from their crime. On November 11, the justice department will hold an interrogation of Lee Byung Hun.

Do you think these girls have any chance of leniency from the way things are currently playing out?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE