Lee Byung Hun's blackmail scandal has taken another crazy twist. As you know, Lee Byung Hun recently reported that GLAM member Kim Dahee, along with a model initially known only as "B," attempted to blackmail him with compromising video footage in exchange for an obscene amount of money, which you can read about here. Now the model is coming forward with her side of the story.

After the blackmail scandal broke, Lee Byung Hun released a personal letter of apology for his role in the scandal. He was obviously being inappropriate when he's married to actress Lee Min Jung, who you may know better as "Monkey" from Boys Over Flowers or from her roles in BIGand Sly and Single Again. Da Hee was arrested on September 3rd, and the Gangnam police found evidence that both girls pre-planned the blackmail by purchasing tickets to Europe.

But now, model "B," whose name has been revealed to be Lee Ji Yeon, is speaking out, and she's claiming that she and Lee Byung Hun were having an affair. Her lawyer made this statement about the affair and blackmail: "She had spontaneously committed the act (blackmailing) because Lee Byung Hun, whom she had been seeing, had told her 'Lets stop seeing each other.' Model Miss Lee had started to meet with Lee Byung Hun starting about 3 months ago and also met him on several occasions at her home in Gangnam, Seoul...Around August, Lee Byung Hun had told her 'Lets not see each other anymore' and in her emotionally hurt state, she blackmailed him with the video."

It was also revealed by the lawyer that Da Hee had recorded the video, but that the two girls were not present at the same time during the "lewd discussion," even though it took place in Lee Ji Yeon's home. Allegedly, Lee Ji Yeon left for a few minutes to run to the store, and the conversation recorded was actually between Lee Byung Hun and Da Hee! Also, the lawyer says those plane tickets to Europe as an escape aren't even tickets. What was actually found were "a list of prices and times for a round-trip flight to Switzerland."

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Of course, Lee Byung Hun's agency is totally denying these claims made by Lee Ji Yeon, and they are saying she's just trying to get Lee Byung Hun "seen in a negative light," and they "wonder if this is her attempt to get out of a more serious punishment by emphasizing that it was a spontaneous act [ not a premeditated one]."

Hmm, remember what I mentioned in the second article about this? I questioned how these two girls knew they could even create a blackmail situation like this. Just because you add alcohol to a conversation doesn't mean it's a loss of all judgement. Now, I'm not saying she's telling the truth, but I'm not saying she's lying either. Sorry, but two 20-something-year-olds being introduced to a 44-year-old Lee Byung Hun through "friends," and he ends up in one of their apartments with both of them while his wife is away? Yeah...okay.

Do think this whole scandal actually makes MORE sense now that the model is talking, or has it gotten even more confusing?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE