Actor Lee Byung Hun attended the second court hearing for his blackmail case against K-pop idol Kim Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon on November 24. During the nearly 3-hour hearing, Lee Byung Hun repeatedly denied his involvement with Lee Ji Yeon and even called the messages sent between the two of them a "joke."

Prior to this hearing, back in September, Lee Ji Yeon claimed she and Lee Byung Hun were involved in an affair. During the current hearing, Lee Byung Hun was questioned about the relationship he had with Lee Ji Yeon and was asked about Kakao messages the two had been sending one another, which was Lee Ji Yeon's proof of their relationship. When asked about the messages, the answers Lee Byung Hun gave were "It was a joke," and "I do not recall." When the hearing was over, he gave this statement to reporters waiting outside: "I have been truthful and sincere about my witnesses at the court and will wait for the court's decision accordingly." 

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In early September, Lee Byung Hun, who is married to actress Lee Min Jung, reported Kim Da Hee and Lee Ji Yeon to the Gangnam police for trying to blackmail him. They threatened to release a recording of "lewd discussions" they had with the actor unless he handed over close to 5 million dollars. The story has since become some epic K-drama script-worthy saga, and if you click here, you can catch up and read everything leading up until now.

You all know where I stand; I totally think he's full of it, and with his "I do not recall" answers in court, it further makes me believe this model is telling the truth. But where do you stand? Blackmail aside, do you believe Lee Ji Yeon is telling the truth about the affair, or are you siding with Lee Byung Hun? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE