Did actor  Lee Byung Hun's apology to his wife finally work? Witnesses have spotted Lee and his wife together shopping at a bakery in the Larchmont neighborhood in L.A.  Lee Byun Hun left for the United States in late October, so when did Lee Min Jung join him? Will he attend the second round of the court trial in Seoul? We have some updates for you.

Apparently Lee Byung Hun is in L.A. for work, but his wife, Lee Min Jung, left Korea to meet up with him later. On November 5, a representative of her agency, MSteam Entertainment, confirmed that although she did not leave with him together, she joined him later, saying, “[Lee Min Jung] did not go due to work, but for private matters. It’s true that the two people are staying together in LA.”

Here's Lee Byung Hun signing autographs at the movie The Lookalike's premiere in LA.

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In the meantime, the second round of trials for GLAM's  Kim Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon for their attempted blackmailing of Lee Byung Hyun is scheduled for November 11. However, Lee Byung Hun may not appear to testify. His agency, BH Entertainment, stated this:

" We tried our very best to change the schedule around so he could participate in the trial on November 11, but we were unable to change the schedule because it had already been set a long time ago. It is definitely not for the sake of purposely avoiding the trial. He was asked to testify anyway, so he needs to participate in the trial at least once."

" America is neither close nor a place you can visit often, so we left the country after first deciding in South Korea the schedule he has to take on there," continued the representative. "We wondered if it'd be possible to change [the schedule], but the schedule does not involve only him, so his trip was inevitable. We thought that keeping a long-time promise is, as expected, one of the things that must be done."

Hmm... yes, I agree that keeping a promise for a long-arranged commitment is paramount, but I couldn't help but notice the last sentence for its irony. 

Nevertheless, we hope that everything will work out for Lee Min Jung. If you are in LA and happen to see the couple together, please extend our sincere best wishes.

(photo; allkpop, youtube)