The Lee Byung Hun blackmail saga continues, and the latest news is that Kim Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon have both been formally arrested and charged.The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office stated, "We've arrested and indicted them for making a joint threat, according to the law."

It seems all the details of the case have become much clearer, but let's take a moment and review. As you know, Lee Byung Hun reported being blackmailed by two women who turned out to be Kim Da Hee of the K-pop group GLAM and model Lee Ji Yeon, formerly known only as "B" in the media. The girls supposedly had a recording of "lewd discussions" with LBH, which they threatened to release if he didn't give them about 5 million dollars. Da Hee admitted to her part, LBH released an official apology for his own actions, and Lee Ji Yeon claimed she and LBH were having an affair, which, of course, was denied by LBH. Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun's wife, actress Lee Min Jung, who was out of town when all this went down, came back, and instead of going to her home with LBH, she went to stay with her parents. For more in-depth details: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4.

Now, along with the formal arrests, more detailed information about what actually took place between the three has emerged. So according to The Korea Herald, All three "met several times for drinks" after being introduced to each other through mutual friends. Because model Lee Ji Yeon was under the impression that Lee Byung Hun was "sexually interested," the two girls "conspired to demand new housing and cash in exchange for sexual services."

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That's how the two allegedly devised their blackmail plan! Now fast-forward to the three of them drinking together at the model's apartment: The scene for the blackmail was set; the cell phone used to capture LBH was set up in the kitchen to capture their sexual conversation along with a hug Lee Ji Yeon hoped to capture on film. The hug, which would place another woman in the arms of Lee Byung Hun, never happened, and that's when the girls' plan got messy. Lee Ji Yeon supposedly asked LBH to buy her a house so she could live alone!

Following the get together, LBH sent a message on Kakao Talk (chat app) denying Lee Ji Yeon's request and told her he was done seeing her. After this event, the girls retaliated by threatening to release the video if he didn't pay them, and this is what they actually said to Lee Byung Hun: "We have a video of you. My family is struggling and have a lot of debt. I'm asking you for money because I'm trying to pay it off. Do you know how much this will hurt your image? We decided to put up the video clip on the internet with the help of a friend." 

The police stated, "Lee Ji Yeon didn't have any income despite her activities as a commercial model and Da Hee also owed her agency 300 million won (a little more than $280,000) due to her long time off from activities."

Apparently, the struggle is real as ever, but don't worry, I'll update you once again when information about Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung's marriage status becomes available. What a mess! This is sad and none of our business, but I'll ask anyway:

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