It's safe to say that Lee Min Ho is looking like his usual handsome self these days. On October 18 Lee Min Ho was photographed at Incheon airport heading to eastern China looking noticeably different in the face, which sparked interest in his current condition.

I pointed the difference out and figured his face was probably just bloated from water retention and fatigue caused by his extremely hectic schedule. Many of you agreed that LMH wasn't looking like himself and came up with some great theories as to what may have caused the change in his face. Many of you agreed with my theory, and a lot of you also thought he may have had a wisdom tooth pulled. Whatever the cause of the bloating was, it's safe to say LMH has been looking much more like himself and healthier since those photos were taken. 

After Lee Min Ho's China trip on the 18th, he participated in a fan-signing event for Eider on October 23 back in Korea. As you can tell by the side-by-side comparison, LMH looks so much more like himself than he did on the 18th.

Many of you on Facebook thought he looked a lot like Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian's mother) in the photos above and even posted photos to prove it. Clearly in photos taken just 5 days later, he looks nothing like Kris at all. #ThankGawwd

(Photo Credit: Skylake)

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With similar lighting as the outdoor airport photos above, Lee Min Ho's face and jawline have returned to their usual defined look.

(Photo Credit: Hongcha)

The Jawline has returned!

(Photo Credit: Skylake)

This photo not only shows off his once again defined facial features, but his tongue too. YAY!

(Photo Credit: Skylake)

As many of us agreed, regardless of a bloated face or not, LMH was still handsome. After so much worry about his health, it's nice to see him looking like himself again. However, let's hope that after his RE:MINHO tour ends he'll take a nice vacation and rest; he deserves it!

Are you relieved to see Lee Min Ho looking healthy and more like himself again?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE