After weeks of living with her parents, actress Lee Min Jung is said to be returning to her home shared with husband Lee Byung Hun. After news broke of Lee Byung Hun being blackmailed by two younger women, Lee Min Jung opted to stay at her parents' home. 

Over the past few weeks, there were rumors that she was only leaving her parents' home for work-related activities, and she may have visited her home with Lee Byung Hun sometime during all of this. Now there's an "acquaintance" who reported Lee Min Jung will be moving back to her home and had this to say about the situation: "There were talks of their marriage being in trouble as she was staying at her parents' house, but the two have cleared up any misunderstanding. Actually, their relationship has gotten stronger. As Lee Byung Hun is currently working, Lee Min Jung will soon begin her activities as well."

There was also an "industry insider" who made a statement as well: "As Lee Byung Hun was shooting his upcoming film Insiders, they did not have much time to spend together. Lee Min Jung staying at her parents' house was partially because there were so many reporters outside the couple's house. When Lee Byung Hun returns from the United States, they will be living together again."

(Photo Credit: BNT)

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Umm okay? Who are these people? Personally, what Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung decide to do with their marriage and each other is their business, but can I get better sources than an "industry insider" and "acquaintance?" Also, she's suddenly moving back in as soon as he takes off for California and declares a public apology at the airport before his flight? Plus! His agency stated that Lee Byung Hun doesn't even have a set return date. Usually something like this, if it were true, would be announced through the representing agency, not "acquaintance" Bob or "industry insider" Bill.

I'm not totally convinced this is true, but only time will tell. I will, of course, have that update for you as well, since this has become an article saga. What do you think? Could this be true, or is it probably just another rumor?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE