We previously reported that actress Jo Bo Ah, who stars in the revenge drama Monster, was hospitalized for encephalomeningitis. How is she doing now? The actress has posted an update.

Jo Bo Ah posted to her instagram account on September 8 to tell her concerned fans that she has recovered.

“Thank you for worrying about me. I am healthy again after a very, very quick recovery thanks to everyone who worried and encouraged Bo Ah! I will work even harder from now on," wrote the 25-year-old actress.

Encephalomeningitis is described as an inflammation of the brain and meninges. Many fans have been upset that the production team let Jo Bo Ah work even when she was already diagnosed with the serious illness on August 30. She was admitted to the hospital on August 31. 

The beautiful actress has been filming the revenge drama Monster, a 50-episode saga which is heading toward its conclusion soon. In her role as a pampered heiress, her hilarious performance opposite leading man Kang Ji Hwan has won much laughter and praise from the viewers.

Now that she's recovered, she is also ready to look forward to her next project, tentatively titled The Man Living in Our House. It is a webtoon adaptation where Jo Bo Ah will star as a flight attendant. Other stars on board are Soo AeKim Young Kwang, and Lee Soo Hyuk

In the meantime, Monster viewers are also looking forward to a grand showdown and hopefully a happy ending.

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