The owner of the bar where Park Shi Hoo met the person known as Trainee A, who has accused him of sexual assault, spoke out regarding the evening in question. Along with handing over the contents of the security camera and giving his own point of view, the owner of the bar also revealed that Park Shi Hoo and his accuser (and a third "Person B," who had introduced the two) ordered two bottles of vinegar-flavored soju for the night. According to Naver users, soju mixed with flavored vinegar is much easier and less agitating to drink, as the flavored vinegar takes away the bitterness of the soju and leaves a sweet aftertaste. Assuming that Person B had not one sip of the alcohol (he drove the group to another location afterwards), netizens are speculating that Trainee A drank most of the soju. It had been previously revealed in several accounts that Park Shi Hoo has a fairly low tolerance for alcohol. Furthermore, it was confirmed that both Park Shi Hoo and Person B met with the accuser after the scandal broke out. Person B, who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, claims to have joined in order to "clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night." A representative told Sports Korea that Park Shi Hoo wanted to understand the reason behind her accusations. They said, "Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A's accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation." The representative also said that although reaching a mutual agreement would be the best case, Park Shi Hoo's image has been damaged severely, and they may counter-sue Trainee A for libel and possibly ruining his career as an actor. (Source: http://www.hankooki.com & www.naver.com)