parkshihoo A third party has stepped forward to speak about the night that led to Park Shi Hoo being indicted for sexual assault against a 22 year old aspiring idol known as Trainee A. An actor who is being called Person B revealed that he was at the bar with Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, and also was the one who facilitated the meeting. Multiple eyewitnesses, including security cameras and the owner of the bar, came forward with testimony and released statements regarding the situation at hand. According to the police who are investigating this matter, the security camera at the bar captured Park Shi Hoo paying the bill before he headed out. The clips also included A being escorted by Park Shi Hoo. The owner of the bar said that A did not seem too drunk and she was able to walk out of the room and walk down the stairs herself, and Park Shi Hoo was only escorting her if she stumbled. However, other security cameras captured A being carried by B to the elevator as they headed towards the parking lot. The three then went to Park Shi Hoo's house. Person B, who claimed that he did not drink due to a minor surgery prior to the event, drove the group. Eyewitnesses from the bar say that A did not appear to them to be as drunk as she claimed. They said, "there are a lot of stairs here, so how can she have gone down if she was drunk? Park Shi Hoo escorted her so she wouldn't fall." The eyewitness, who claimed to be at the bar while Park Shi Hoo and the woman were drinking, said that Park Shi Hoo did not drink much. Park Shi Hoo has said publicly on multiple occasions that he has a low tolerance for alcohol. onenightent-parkshihoo Park Shi Hoo stands by his statement that the two parties shared mutual interests, and that nothing that happened that night was forced. The indicted actor also said that he is not embarrassed about what had happened, and said he will comply with the investigation truthfully while opening up about everything that happened. There are two dominant stances amongst the netizens regarding the scandal. While one group claims that Park Shi Hoo is in the wrong no matter what for having a one-night-stand, the other group is claiming that this is all just a publicity stunt for the trainee to get some money and "fame." What are your thoughts? (Source: