Lee Byung Hun's blackmail case just continues to get messier. As you know, Lee Byung Hun filed a police report accusing GLAM member Kim Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon of trying to blackmail him for close to 5 million dollars. Da Hee then admitted to the charges, and Lee Ji Yeon made a statement saying she was actually having an affair with Lee Byung Hun, which you can read all about here. Now there seems to be some evidence by way of Instagram that could prove Lee Byung Hun was seeing Lee Ji Yeon.

So of course Lee Byung Hun, who's married to actress Lee Min Jung, denied the affair completely, but supposedly, there are photos on Instagram of the gifts Lee Byung Hun gave to Lee Ji Yeon, which include a bottle of wine from "a South American winery he was known to visit." Then, most recently, his wife Lee Min Jung wrote on her own Instagram account, "God Only Knows" with a photo of clouds. 

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"When asked about the Instagram photos, his [Lee Byung Hun's] agency, BH Entertainment had no comment." Now, only a few hours ago, the Korea Herald reported that Lee Min Jung, who recently came back from a trip to Paris, did not go to the home she shares with Lee Byung Hun; she instead went to her parents' home.

Unfortunately, this is really turning into a drama.  Do you think that wine bottle was a coincidence, or are you starting to believe Lee Ji Yeon is telling the truth?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE