The nightmare that started with a snapchat sticker continues to plague SNSD's Tiffany. Unfortunately for the singer, the back lash caused by the gaffe has not only persisted to reverberate within the netizen sphere, but has spread both into the Korean entertainment industry as well as the nation as a whole. 

Following the initial outrage that followed Tiffany's use of a Snapchat sticker resembling the old Japanese imperial war flag, pressure from netizens has resulted in the once adored singer being removed from the TV program, Unnie's Slam Dunk. Tiffany's removal from the show has become a hot topic for debate. Some critics of the decision have expressed the concern that Tiffany's removal was a result of her being a woman, claiming that a male celebrity would not be punished as severely, or as quickly, for the same type of mistake. However, others have supported the punishment asserting that anyone, regardless of gender, would have been fired for this act. 

However, the fallout did not end there. Tiffany was also recently dropped from IPKN (cosmetic brand) as the brand's ambassador. While the company claims that her removal was not a result of the scandal but due to the expiration of her contract, many have found the timing of the "release" questionable. 

To make matters worse, Tiffany has also become the target of "jeers" and "taunting", instigated by her peers and even the national public. Former SNSD member Jessica, is currently receiving love from many netizens for allegedly taking a shot at Tiffany. On her Snapchat account, Jessica posted a picture of herself, but with a sticker which read, "Hello! Seoul, I love Seoul". 

(Jessica's Snapchat)

Netizens interpreted Jessica's post to be a jeer at Tiffany stating:

    "If Jessica is this open about dissing Tiffany, the must've had a huge fight before she left."

    "I don't know if Jessica did this on purpose but the timing of it is just a KO for Tiffany... amazing."

    "It's as if she's purposely trying to show that she's different from a certain someone ㅋ even used the same Snapchat platform. ^^"

    "Whatever the case, Tiffany has become a wall in terms of how disliked she is so Jessica won out in the end. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" 

However, while Jessica's actions leave some room for interpretation, other's have been much more direct going as far as to bash and taunt the pop star for her mistake. An MBN news anchor brutally belittled Tiffany on air during a report about the 2016 Rio Olympics. News anchor Kim Myung Joon berated Tiffany by first making puns of her name and then proceeded to congratulate her for Korea’s loss against Japan in the semifinals of the women’s doubles in badminton. 

Following the news report, many Girls Generation fans have criticized the news anchor for his unprofessional comments and have demanded that he publicly apologize...something he reportedly has no intention of doing. 

When will this nightmare end for Tiffany? Do you think these reactions are justified? Let us know what you think below!

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