TS Entertainment has released their official press statement regarding the lawsuit B.A.P filed against them over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

The press release, which was released on December 5 KST, began with TS explaining they had no idea of B.A.P's intentions. They claimed the group asked for a break in October, which was granted, and then they recently confirmed wanting to resume their activities in 2015. The company went on to say as preparations and schedules for the new year were being made, all of a sudden on November 27, they heard through the media that the group had filed a lawsuit. TS claims staff members were communicating with the group all the way up until November 26 when the lawsuit petition was accepted and that the lawsuit came as a complete shock. After learning of the lawsuit, they tried to contact the members, who they were unable to reach. They were able to contact a few of the members' parents, who confirmed the lawsuit petition and directed them to speak with lawyers. 

TS Entertainment also stated in their release, "We became suspicious of the fact that one-sided reports were constantly being released by a small number of media outlets even before the petition went through. This situation seemed more serious because we just exceeded break-even point as we entered 2014 and B.A.P was about to generate steep profits. And finally, we received trustworthy reports claiming there is a force that has been fostering public opinion through the media in order to worsen the contractual relationship between B.A.P and the company and to recruit B.A.P on favorable terms. From now the company will thoroughly apprehend the existence of the forces behind to take strong action and confirmation. We will strictly be holding them accountable for their actions that violated the ethics of this industry and furthermore lowered the status of K-pop."

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Seems a little suspect to me. If you notice, on one hand they said everything was going as planned up until November 26, and they were shocked to find out about the lawsuit on November 27. However, on the other hand, they then say they were suspicious of reports being made prior to the 26th. Now, in a strange turn of events, there's some type of dark force out there trying to take B.A.P away from them. I dunno, but between Daehyun's vocal coach claiming the parents and CEO were having issues and the parents referring the company to speak with lawyers, it just sounds to me like the only "force" at work here is parents taking control and looking after their children.

What do you think about this plot twist?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE