Earlier this month, I wrote about a website that helps people find their doppelgängers anywhere in the world.  Well, it seems like one of the creators of the website has been getting the most out of its services, having found not one, not two, but a third look-alike, and she's determined to find four more to make it a magical seven.

Since its inception a little over six months ago, 500,000 people have already registered their profiles on twinstrangers.com, hoping to find and one day meet their stranger look-alikes. Niamh Geaney, along with her partners, created the website so that strangers who looked exactly alike could find each other just by posting their photos online, no matter where in the world they lived. Niamh, too, wanted to find her doppelgänger, and just in the first month, she found her twin, named Karen Branigan, who happened to live just an hour away from her in Ireland.

Blown away by the experience, Niamh set out to find another doppelgänger and miraculously found Luisa Guizzardi, who lived in Genoa, Italy. Niamh hopped on a plane and went to meet her stranger look-alike. The two had a blast, with Luisa's mother claiming that, from a distance, even she couldn't tell the two apart. The meeting was so intense that Niamh couldn't help but cry. “Our movements, gestures, and the way we scruffle our nose is similar, we play with our hair the same way," she said. Luisa felt exactly the same. "Not only do we look the same, but we have the same soul."

As if that weren't enough, Niamh met her third doppelgänger just a few weeks after that! A woman named Irene Adams, also from Ireland, was told by her friend about a girl that looked like her on YouTube, and she checked it out. Sure enough, it was Niamh who was on YouTube, and she looked exactly like Irene, just like her friend had told her. Then, out of the blue, she got a Facebook message from Niamh herself, and the two met in Sligo, in Ireland's west coast. Not surprisingly, Niamh looked more like Irene's sister than Irene's real sister!

They say that all of us have seven look-alikes living somewhere out there in the world. If that's really the case, Niamh may just become the first person in the history of mankind to meet them all.

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