20130130_1359517451_61725500_1 In the U.S., there exist two milestones every artist seeks to achieve in a lifetime. The first is a Grammy Award, and the second is a spot on the Billboard Music Charts. Psy knows a thing or two about the influence of the Billboard charts. And soon, other K-pop artists will know as well, as Billboard has announced the launch of "K-Town," a K-pop music column. The just-launched column will feature interviews, music, videos, and more. To kick things off, Girls' Generation, one of the biggest crossover acts to date, sent a big congratulations for the launch of the site. The site kicked off with an interview with INFINITE, the group with the #1 K-pop song of 2012, according to Billboard. Is it finally safe to say, K-pop is here to stay in the U.S.?