Starting December 4th, the US government is selling lucky dollar bills with a serial number beginning with 8888 for the upcoming Year of the Horse. The number 8888 is considered lucky because in the Cantonese dialect of China it sounds like the word for 'prosper' or 'prosperity'. But you have to hurry as there may be a run on the house!

These uncirculated dollar bills are limited to 88,888 notes. Symbolism abounds including the serial number, the red envelope it comes in, and also a beautiful greeting card embossed with gold foil and a lucky horse design. The custom started in China where people give children red envelopes containing money for new year's presents.

Previously, the Year of the Dragon's lucky money was sold out within a week. This year's lucky money should be very popular too as horse symbolizes success. It would be a great gift not only to children, but also to students entering college, graduates seeking jobs, or anyone starting a business.

So where can you buy this auspicious gift? After some diligent searches, I found out you have to buy from the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing. That's a mouthful for a website, isn't it? Apparently they understand the value of a good website name too, as you simply need to go to:

Yes! It's the world's largest Money Factory where you can buy lucky money.

I bet it would help our national debt too as it costs $5.95 to buy the $1 bill. But remember, it comes with invaluable luck in beautiful packaging. It is worth at least the tender value of $1.

There is a volume discount too if you buy more: $4.50 each for 50 gifts, and $3.95 each for 1,000 and more.

Shipping is free!