It is no longer a stretch to say that the Korean entertainment industry has gone global. With the meteoric rise of K-pop and Korean drama fandom around the world, it is not surprising that the top Korean actors and actresses are becoming household names! Want to know which stars top the popularity charts in America? Well, that’s where the Korea Creative Content Agency comes in. See what 4,700 of your fellow U.S. based Hallyu fans had to say about their favorite Korean celebrities!


#1 - Park Shin Hye

It’s no surprise to see this name leading the list for America’s favorite Korean actress! If you are interested in Korean dramas, chances are that you have seen something with Park Shin Hye in it! Beauty, talent, and poise…what’s not to love about this amazing talent?!

Can’t get enough of Park Shin Hye? Make sure to watch her most recent drama, Doctor Crush if you haven't already!

#2 - Gong Hyo Jin

Actress Gong Hyo Jin takes second place in the hearts and minds of America’s Korean entertainment fans! Gong Hyo Jin is another amazingly talented actress that never fails to wow fans with her work!

Don’t take our word for it. Check out her most recent drama, Jealousy Incarnate!

#3 - IU (Lee Ji Eun)

Last but not least, coming in third place is actress (and singer) Lee Ji Eun (IU). Her position on this list is proof that Lee Ji Eun’s talents lie not only in music but also in front of the camera!

We all adore her charming voice, but why not take some time to appreciate her acting also? Check out Scarlet Heart: Ryeo!


#1 - Lee Min Ho

First in the hearts of American K-drama fans, and most likely a surprise to no one, Lee Min Ho’s reputation and work seems to speak for themselves. Hit drama after drama and constant news of his philanthropic work and kindness keep Lee Min Ho firmly situated within the minds and hearts of his expansive fan base.

Need I really say more? Make sure to catch Lee Min Ho's most recent movie Bounty Hunters!

#2 - Lee Joon Ki

For the action minded American fans and anyone who has seen Lee Joon Ki act, his place on this list makes a lot of sense! Known for his action abilities on top of his amazing acting skills, actor Lee Joon Ki seems to hold a firm spot in the hearts of American K-drama fans!

Be sure to catch the action and romance in his most recent drama, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo!

#3 - Lee Jong Suk

With a growing list of hit dramas and films under his name, Lee Jong Suk doesn’t seem like he will run out of steam anytime soon. His hard work, dedication, and abundant talent has definitely earned him a spot on this list and in the hearts of American Hallyu fans!

So many choices and you can't go wrong. Check out one of Lee Jong Suk's many hit dramas like Pinocchio!

Was your favorite Korean celebrity on this list? Who would you vote for? Let us know your thoughts below! 


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