Hello everyone and welcome to the Vampire Detective Drama Club! This drama has already had a good start and it’s hooking in its viewers. A reminder: how will we deal with seeing an episode only once a week! Join Wendilynn, Tiara and I as we discuss the first episode of Vampire Detective!


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Wendilynn: I like that they give us a beginning. Normally they are already vampires in these stories, but we’ve got an unusual creation story here. I don’t know too many people who became a vampire by injection.

Tiara: Agree. It’s always fun to watch creation stories more so when it comes in the form of vampires. The drama is definitely showing us San is more like Blade in this myth of vampires as he can step into the sunlight. It will be interesting to see his limitations or not considering he has a few as a human.

June: I agree with both of you guys! I honestly like how they gave us the story of how he became a vampire and backstory first, rather than later. I know in k-drama they could have dragged that out and it’s annoying sometimes. Lol So props to them! I can’t wait to see San kick some vampire butt! I am interested in the whole sunlight thing and if that’ll affect him a lot.

Wendilynn: Well, we know the blood he was injected with was created and modified by the specialist brother. So he’ll be a unique vampire in any case and the brother said that this blood would heal everyone, so what they are going to do with it is anybody’s guess. Especially as our bad guy is San’s ex-girlfriend.

Tiara: The mystery it seems is did Yoo Jin become vampire five years ago undercover and what happen for her to “betray” San by shooting him? We know it’s her with the necklace, but I think a lot of the answers are from the undercover case. I wonder why they were assigned to the case and what it’s about. I think we will need to know more about that before we can move to the present.

June: For sure! I kind of figured that the girlfriend would later play a bigger role and I wonder if the other cop as well will pop up later because it seemed like they both knew something was going on, while San didn’t. I’m super curious about that case and I hope they explain more of it next week. Also, I liked the dynamic of the little investigation team! I feel like it’ll all continue to grow as the drama goes on.

Wendilynn: Yes, I expect him to show up too. He did nothing to stop her from shooting San, but then the car blew up. I expect that was to hide what they were really up to. Then we have San with health problems after being shot. Like not being able to run….of course, fighting seems to be okay. Lol

Tiara: It’s running, who wants to run … ever. That’s a limitation I have only because I hate running. What an opening of a drama by having San be betrayed, shot, and his friends blew up. It’s crazy, but an eye opening. I agree June about our investigation team. It’s like the KDrama version of Angel Investigation. Goo Hyung is the mother han who nags San to eat, dress, and take his meds. It’s adorable. I love the tough as nails Gyeo Wool. The bluffing with the lighter was by far my favorite scene this week.

June: The only running I do is watching Running Man t b h. Lol But yes I love how he could fight up a storm but oh no, not running! What a great way to start off a drama but by having the main lead get betrayed, shot and then see his girlfriend and friend get blown up in a car. Like bam! Here’s the opening of your drama!

Wendilynn: No kidding, notice though, she didn’t shoot to kill him. She shot him to stop him, but let him live.

Tiara: Yoo Jin was trying to save San. The question is what was she saving him from?

June: The vampires!! Just kidding, that’s probably the big mystery we’re going to try and figure out. Apart from trying to find another cure or blood thing for the vampires.

Wendilynn: I think I like our team. Goo Hyung is adorable as the watson to San’s sherlock. And then we have Gyeo Wool who is our tough talking street kid. The chemistry between these three was very good for a first episode. And we get to see San’s abilities before they are augmented by his vampire senses.

Tiara: I’m hooked. I’m a sucker for vampires and crime dramas. Yes pun intended.

June: I can’t wait for this drama to go all Sherlock Holmes mixed in with vampires. It’s like, let’s get this party started!

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