Welcome back to the Vampire Detective Drama Club! The past has finally been revealed and we finally get to see what led to the events in the present. We have people who are starting to look more like villains and a familiar logo keeps popping up, even in the past. Join Tiara, Wendilynn and I as we discuss this week's Vampire Detective!

Tiara: The Kdrama Gods have finally answers our pleds. We get to take a trip to the past to learn what happen and boy are we not disappointed. What do you ladies felt about our adventure into the past?

Wendilynn: I thought they did a good job. I was not surprised that dork got jealous and betrayed for love, but I was surprised by the fact that Hyung was their undercover operations commander. It explains a great deal. He’s just as bothered to know the two are alive as San is.

June: I was so glad we finally got to see the past. It only took 10 episodes but hey we are here now! I’m not surprised that this all fell through over a girl but dang Tae Woo really went there.

Tiara: Tae Woo came across different in the first flashback vs out trip to the past. The relationship between him and San was not on the best of terms. I’m with you June. His jealousy over San because of Yoo Jin was an interesting development. However, Tae Woo just didn’t like San’s Vulcan personality and overconfidence.

Wendilynn: San is a very trusting individual up to this point. I was surprised to see San’s memories thinking of Tae Woo as a friend. I never got that impression myself. However, I have to hand it to Tae Woo, when you are going to deal with the devil, you have to be willing to put it all on the line. Damn, boy! I did not see that coming at all.

June: For real! I was super surprised how far he was willing to go and well he definitely went all the way. I agree with you all. I’m surprised but kind of not, that San never picked up that Tae Woo never saw him in a good light.

Tiara: Tae Woo definitely has some balls with his face off with Godmother Vamp. It’s a great showdown between the two, but it hasn’t scratch the surface of these two’s ongoing war.

Wendilynn: Well, Tae Woo was a dead man no matter what. He found a way to survive that was frankly a smart move. To die with desperately needed information was the only way to live.

June: It was a very smart move. I just wonder if now or in the future he’s going to try and take over Godmother Vamp’s empire.

Tiara: I think he’s been a thorn in Godmother Vamp’s side for the last 5 years.

Wendilynn: Especially as he seemed to be “captain of the guard” so to speak for YoNa’s first love. He’s greedy and was in charge of security for the operation. He’s in a position to try and grab power if he wants to. And he’s territorial about Yoo Jin. He will not let her go.

June: Territorial is just the beginning. Lol I can see this not ending very well at all.

Tiara: Team San is going to be in the middle of a Vampire Gang War for sure. Switching gears a bit, I loved seeing Gyeo Wool’s appearance at the beginning of the episode. We got to see Hyung arrest her for pickpocketing. Yet if it wasn’t for her slight of hand, a dead man would still be considered dead.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that was fun, although one might ask why they didn’t remember her, and I would say she was a nameless thief to them, basically. Easily forgotten. However, I’m a little miffed that we are getting to the good stuff in the last couple of episodes. We had 2 episodes of basic fluff that they could have been putting to good use.

Tiara: It’s a shame the drama has waited until the end. It would’ve been interesting had the drama slowly over the course told us a bit what happen. It does explain why Hyung is so protective of San.

June: I did like how it came full circle from the past to the present. We got to see Gyeo Wool and Hyung’s relationship with everyone. I just wonder how this drama will end. I don’t know why but I have this nagging feeling we’ll end without a complete ending. Lol

Wendilynn: Well, that’s what Prosecuter left us with. Also, we know /SO LITTLE/ about San’s abilities. We know Hyung knows and that they are hiding them from Gyeo Wool. We know he gets memories from breathing blood and that his blood is some type of healing agent.. Sort of. That’s very little and next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Tiara: It’s one of my many problems with Vampire Detective as a whole. The lack of mythology on vampires is driving me up the wall. This is the same world as Prosecutor and those Vampires can walk in daylight, but Godmother Vamp and her children can’t. Come on Drama just give us the Vampires for Dummies Book already.


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Wendilynn: Some consistency would be nice.

June: I agree. There is so much that needs to be explained but it probably won’t.

Tiara: A girl can’t help it will one day be explained. One more pet peeve on this episode, the company symbol in the past is the same one used in the nightclub, the key card, and the text message from the first few episodes. How did San and Hyung not put two and two together?

Wendilynn: whoops. Rofl.

Tiara: It drove me bananas watching the episodes.

June: For real! It’s like all the clues are right there!

Tiara: San’s Sherlock abilities totally failed him. Guess the force is not strong with that one. ^-^

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