Forget your detective gear this week, forks, because the mystery has finally been placed into the sunlight. San is close to reconnecting with Yoo Jin and Tae Woo. Our godmother vamp seems to be playing a power struggle with her vampire child. The boys are keeping Gyeo Wool in the dark. The clock is counting down to the end,  and what will become of Team San? Come join June and I, Tiara, as we scrutinize Vampire Detective episode 11.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Tiara: The mystery surrounding Yoo Jin and Tae Woo’s death along with San being shot has boiled down to a love triangle gone wrong. I’m really disappointed with the reveal of what actually happened five years ago.

June: Me too. I really hate how this all went down because of a stupid love triangle. What I got from this episode is that Tae Woo is annoying and I want Yo Na to just take over everything and the HBIC again.

Tiara: Hahaha!!! So true. I’m with you completely, June. Yo Na was thrusted into the world of darkness not by choice which makes her sympathetic. Yes, she’s a monster and has done a lot of evil things. I can’t fault her for becoming a badass vampire who built an awesome mafia business. Tae Woo on the other hand is just frustrating to watch. His caveman like qualities makes him more unlikeable.

June: Seriously! He is so unlikeable, I literally roll my eyes whenever he comes onto the screen. Also with Yo Na, she was so mysterious and scary whenever she was shown. You could just tell that she was the villain. Now with Tae Woo not exactly the same feeling.

Tiara: He doesn’t feel supernaturally dangerous. He’s the typical KDrama mafia villain. Nothing new or interesting about him. I also hate Yo Na being overthrown from her Godmother place of power. The baby vamp has become an adult vampire with a mean bite. I just don’t see Yo Na being overpowered by Tae Woo. She’s been a vampire way longer than him which gives her, you would think, an advantage.

June: I couldn’t agree with you more! I hate how the role of the big baddy is getting shifted from her to him. It’s like when K-Dramas start changing the storylines and it gets annoying. It just feels like the story is changing to a whole new direction.

Tiara: You’re right about the story feeling different. The shift in focus of the villain just doesn’t feel right. The case of the weeks were more compelling than the last two episodes. Despite being backed into a corner, I loved Yo Na’s calm and cool head. Tae Woo’s downfall will be Yoo Jin and Yo Na knows his weakness. With the drama changing the feel, can we just vote our Godmother onto Team San already?

June: Yes!!!! That is what I am hoping for so bad. I want them to join forces and take down Tae Woo. Also, why do I feel like Yoo Jin will probably get caught in a crossfire type thing.

Tiara: Because it’s the KDrama way. I’m at the point I just don’t care about Yoo Jin or Tae Woo. I still don’t understand the reason behind Yoo Jin shooting San.

June: Same. I get she wanted to be the one to handle him I guess but who knows? Lol I’m also in the same boat where I don’t care about those two. I just hope nothing happens to Hyung next week!

Tiara: Speaking of Hyung, I love him taking responsibility for San. I’ve enjoyed their bromance since the beginning and to finally know the reason why he’s so dedicated to San, was a highlight of the episode. It’s a great moment of the episode to see the bond of friendship.

June: Definitely. After this episode, you can definitely see how important San is to Hyung and I hope we see the reverse in next week’s episode. I want to also see how Gyeo Wooll is connected to Yo Na.

Tiara: Gyeo Wool has gotten shafted in the last few episodes which is a shame. I’m annoyed with San and Hyung not telling her the truth. If they continue to keep her in the dark, it isn’t going to end well because Gyeo Wool’s nature is much like San and his bone. But I’m totally with you, June. I want a buddy cop episode with her and Yo Na.

June: I know! It sucks that they are keeping her in the dark. It’s not going to help anyone if she doesn’t know what’s going on. Like hello! You all need all the help you can get!

Tiara: The vampire secret is whatever, but to at least explain the lame background story of five years. The drama isn’t talking about the supernatural stuff so they don’t have too.

June: Right. It’s honestly like the vampire stuff has gone off to Neverland because nobody's even talking about it! It’s like suddenly it doesn’t even matter.

Tiara: The drama only uses it when it’s convenient to the narration. That’s not the point of a vampire story. With only one episode left, Yo Na and Gyeo Wool’s adventures will have to wait until a season 2. However, I predicting San’s blood will come back into the story. His blood is suppose to heal anything which makes me wonder if it can turn a vampire back to human. I wouldn’t put it past Yo Na to try to figure out how to get her old life back.

June: Honestly, they better have a season 2 because you know there is going to be so much that isn’t answered.

Tiara: I’m holding out hope this fight ends and the last couple minutes of the drama is Team San looking for a missing Prosecutor.

June: We can only hope!

Tiara: Come on, just a cameo of Yun Jung Hoon. Pretty Please drama gods.

11 episodes down and 1 to go. The drama hasn’t lived up to its older sibling, but it’s hard to live up to the wonder of the original. It’s a shame the drama didn’t drive more into the vampire abilities. This drama had the potential to world build the Vampire series and it sadly chose to ignore it instead. The world is grounded in the reality, but it wants to keep one foot in the supernatural to explain the unknown. It’s not surprising with the mixed reactions and frustrations from fans. Despite the lack of supernatural world building, it’s been a delightful ride. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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