What in the hell did we just spend 12 episodes watching? A neat idea with a great cast in a universe we craved more time in drew us to this drama like a moth to a flame, only the writer decided to not give us anything. An origin story without explanations or grounding. An ending that leaves you going, “What the…” Was this story an aberration that was abandoned by the writer or are we being set up for something bigger? Join Tiara, June and I, Wendilynn, as we try to figure out just where we are adrift in this Vampire Detective universe.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Tiara: A drama with so much promise and it just got lost in it’s own mystery. That 5 year mystery also wasn’t that engaging either. It’s a shame it couldn’t live up to the greatness of it’s older brother Vampire Prosecutor.

June: Honestly, what was that ending?!?!??! Ugh this drama started off so good and had promise but somewhere along the way it lots its way. Ugh it wasn't even worth finding out what happened all those years ago.


Wendilynn: I can’t believe how let down I feel. And in no way do I blame the actors in this. They were great, and they made characters that I really liked. BUT…...that story. Oh my gosh, what a let down.

Tiara: Agreed, the actors did the best with what the writer gave them and I have to admit I really liked Godmother Vamp. She’s like my version of Spike. She may be evil, but I can sympathize with her. I hate how Gyeo Wool was wasted in the last like 3 episodes. She never got any closure about her brother. I really disliked Hyung and San treating her like the kid sister who had to be kept in the dark. What would have put a spin on the story if them keeping her out of the loop had put her in danger. At least she would have been useful to the story. Sadly that wasn’t the case. Grr!!!

Wendilynn: This is why I have to wonder if these 12 episodes are set ups for something else. We got NO CLOSURE on anything. So we found out what happened 5 years ago when they died on assignment. AND?!!!!! The point of this was?!!! What was it leading to? I mean, we just got nothing. No explanation of San’s new abilities. Why were his eyes yellow and everyone else was red? What did inhaling San’s blood through his inhaler do for Yoo Jin if she died anyway? I mean, what was the freaking point? What happened with the helper list everyone wanted so badly? Did Godmother Vamp really go all noble on us? I mean.. Really?!

VDe12  no explaination.jpg

June: FOR REAL. Ugh there better be a season two or something to explain the mess this drama started. I will say I did start to side more with Godmother Vamp but I liked it better when she was the big baddie. I want to believe the ending didn't go the way it did but alas.

Tiara: The drama never wanted to explain the supernatural stuff. I hate beating the a dead horse, but the drama only wanted the vampire abilities to only benefit the case of the week when they needed it. This drama was never going to be the superhero’s origin story to explain the supernatural world that 4 vampires live in. Which that drives me up the wall. Vampire Prosecutor has blue eyes and can walk in sunlight. His villain from season 2 had blood lust red eyes like Yo Na, BUT he could walk in the day. You DRAMA made this connection and do not explain your vamps … I want to break up.

VDe12  no details.jpg

Wendilynn: Talk about betrayal and leaving your viewers adrift in nonsense. They would have been perfectly fine not connecting this drama to Vampire Prosecutor. Making it its own universe but they didn’t do that. So now what? They made this huge big deal about this special blood that was given to San and then did nothing with it. They made a big deal of Godmother Vamp and then wimped her out. So many buildups that just went no where. So disappointing.

June: SO MUCH TRUTH HERE. I can't believe how wasted Yo Na and Gyeo Wool were towards the end of the drama. The drama really wasted some potential there.


Tiara: The drama wimped out on everything. Yo Na was an interesting villain. I actually wished they didn’t kill her off. I wanted her and Gyeo Wool to go off together solving crimes and taking names. I don’t mind the drama making a twist that Yo Na is a bad guy, but the main villain of this story was Tae Woo. However, the kidnapping mafia vampire wasn’t a good villain. He was horrible. His own reason for doing this was because he couldn’t handle San being perfect in his eyes. San’s good at everything, he’s got the job, grades, and the girl. What are we in elementary school … Grown up Tae Woo!!!

Wendilynn: Tae Woo being jealous and wanting power so he can get the girl was fine as a reason to betray, but what he did with it was just weak. The lack of meat in these 12 episodes is something that I’m not getting over. I mean, this was such a waste of a potentially fun drama. Mystery of the week, learning about San’s abilities would have been fine for 12 episodes. Just fun and interesting. But no… they had to give us a buildup with no pay off. I think what just gets me is that this show had great characters but nothing was done with them. The action scenes were good, the filming of the show was good. I don’t even think I can blame the direction. It was the writing or lack of writing that really let us down here. Unless this was a meant to be a connector drama to hold us over till they jump into the main universe again, this made no freaking sense.


Tiara: Tae Woo is you avenge KDrama villain. It was boring and he’s a vampire. The writing could’ve have made things so much more interesting. San wasn’t a vampire for years and he could have slowly drove him mad or crazy. I wished him to be more on the level of the Joker. I mean this guy did blow his head off before turning. Instead he threatened San with killing Yoo Jin. Hahahahahahaha, like that was a threat from the guy who has kidnapped her, turned her into a vampire, and had her kill San or see him kill San. Like he would ever kill Yoo Jin … what a joke and a horrible threat.

June: I could not stand Tae Woo at all.

Wendilynn: Yup. Totally empty. And then Yoo Jin decides to suicide? I don’t think so. That ending didn’t make sense at all. And then someone happens to walk by and pick up the abandoned helper list? Maybe San? Maybe not? What the hell?!!

VDe12   the real point.jpg

Tiara: I’m totally fine with Yoo Jin offing herself and Tae Woo. Good riddance for a bad mystery IMO. Yoo Jin was little more than a damsel in distress. San’s affections for her never made me understand nor care. I was actually really bored by those scenes. She was a macguffin to move San in the narration. She wasn’t evening good at that because all San did was brood and there was no showers around. As for the help list, it could be someone whom we’ve seen in it’s older brother series. But it’s the drama trolling us for season 2. Where’s Prosecutor or Ten’s season 3?


June: I totally agree. I am very okay with those two being gone.

Wendilynn: At this point, I don’t care. I hate when a story drops the ball like this. Wasting good actors and their characters. Our tease at the end showing a grown up and responsible Gyeo Wool and our core group searching for San was not enough to make me care. Although I did smile that Goo Hyung stayed consistent and kicked her in the butt for disappearing. Lol However, consistency in the story line was not this drama’s forte.

Tiara: The ending was beyond disappointing. The ending really left me uninterested in knowing what the crew has been up too nor where San could be hiding. Actually I think I know where San is hiding, he’s probably holding up in a dark apartment being a brooding vampire and licking his wounds over the lost of his love. *eyeroll* I think it should’ve have ending with San making good on his promise to a bartender and him and his team are walking in an unused building. They go room to room until they find a man in one of the rooms. He lifts his head and you end with blue growing eyes with a cameo by Yeon Hung Hoon. I wouldn’t forgive bad writing, but I would be happy to hear news of a season 3.

Wendilynn: If we had never seen the Bartender, we could have argued that this was a different universe and that’s why there was no consistency between this one and VP. However, they did make that connection and did give us that expectation of something. I feel like we were promised a night that would make us see stars and instead San came early and then rolled over and started snoring.


Tiara: Hahaha, it’s too true. I do believe the writers could have written a jealous friend story with supernatural elements. It just needed to decided to actually not dip its toes in the magical universe, but to give us the Vampire for Dummies Book. You don’t have to explain all the magical world, but you need to explain the world that’s being built. I can make up my own theories, but the narration doesn’t make them cannon in this world.

That's it for the Vampire Detective Drama Club.  We're so glad you guys joined us for this ride, even if we wanted a refund at the end of it. Consistency has not been a strong point in this universe and all we can hope for is that there is a bigger story coming. It felt like we were watching a 12 episode side story that could not stand on its own feet.  Now the question we are left with is will we give the writers a chance to make it up to us or are we done with this universe?  Tell us your feelings about this drama in the comments below. 

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