New magical abilities have been awakened just in time to help a news anchor solve a murder. San struggles to understand his newly-changed body while Goo Hyung and Gyeol Wool come to grips with each other. More clues emerge, while one person struggles to hide her past as San tries to unravel his own. Join Tiara, June and I, Wendilynn as we dissect episode 2 of Vampire Detective.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Tiara: We’re given a peek at San’s new ability to see what the dead saw before their death.. It’s trigger by the scent of blood, but the vision is very different from our friendly Prosecutor Vampire. It does make we wonder since this is a spin-off if and how these world’s are connected. San’s vampire blood was created in a test tube where as the season one of Vampire Prosecutor the vampire was injected with the vampire virus. We’ve got yellow, blue, and red eyed vampires and all injected with a form of vampirism.

Wendilynn: But, he didn’t get typical vampire blood. It was modified to be more. And we certainly saw that. I had a little trouble with him catching memories from just the scent of blood, but it doesn’t necessarily contradict his ability to read clues the way we saw in Episode 1. I would be happier if he tasted it, but he doesn’t know that about himself yet. However, I want to know what his doctor knows about his new blood. That inhaler/spray super blood health potion seems to be quite the fixer-upper.

June: I personally haven’t seen Vampire Prosecutor and now I super want to! I’m so hooked on this drama already, it’s pretty crazy. I really hope they keep this momentum going. I’m also super curious about the blood in San and what the doctor knows about it. I mean they gave him that inhaler of blood. I just hope that San doesn’t freak out too much whenever he finds out the whole truth.

Tiara: If you haven’t seen the first season of Vampire Prosecutor, go now and watch it. It’s pretty fantastic. San’s a baby vamp trying to figure out who and what he is. He knows somethings wrong despite the good doctor and his Hyung keeping him in the dark. I can’t wait till he starts to figure out his powers and limitations. I’m enjoying the journey of figuring everything out with him however, it makes me impatient waiting to get answers. I found it interesting when Hyung talked about San being the fiercest person in the world because he had nothing to lose. However, now it’s twice as hard to kill him with his ability to heal and he can’t lose.

Wendilynn: We also had the flashback of the girlfriend telling him that he was like a bloodhound. He went after whatever he wanted without stopping. I wonder if that’s why she killed herself/pretended to kill herself, whichever she did. To make him stop.

June: I am impatiently/patiently waiting for his girlfriend to pop up again. I want to know what happened with her and what was the deal that went on. It’s like why are you now the villain, well maybe the villain, or like is there someone even more powerful controlling this whole operation! I need details!

Tiara: I don’t think our necklace wearing vamp is San’s ex-girlfriend. I believe she’s involved and not dead, but there’s a big bad who’s running the show. She’s got a couple business on the streets going which makes me think there’s more vamps out there if she’s collecting blood from the homeless. The club was also a front from episode one too. She’s pretty much the Godfather/ mother of the vampire mafia. We haven’t touched on the why, but I’m guessing Team San is really starting to piss her off.

Wendilynn: I have to agree with you. We’ve got a serious crazy lady on the loose. Its very possible that there is a family connection since they both have the same necklace. I’m not really surprised by the underground blood collection. These are vampires after all. Only makes sense.

June: True. I like how it’s an underground vampire mafia thing. I feel like it makes things interesting. Like it’s not like these vampires are just killing people and leaving their bodies out on the streets like other vampire shows and movies. They have it all planned out with the whole ambulance getting the homeless people. Like these villains really have this planned out.

Tiara: The Vampire Mafia is very organized. I’m wondering how far their influence extends from police to prosecutors or evening to government officials. The sun can help spot at least Gyeo Wool’s Oppa vampirism with sunlight, but it doesn’t mean our Big Bad Godmother Vamp has the same restrictions. The group is hiring humans to do their dirty work which isn’t surprising, but are these humans in the know about the creatures they are working for and if yes are these vampires promising the gift of immortality?

Wendilynn: My pet theory is that being a day walker is going to be unique to San’s new blood. His new blood is setup to cure anything, so it would stand to reason it protects him from being burned by the sun. Killing to cover up their private activities is nothing new. Vampires generally don’t like media attention. It makes it hard to prey on your food. Lol

June: I can see that theory very much being what really happens. Humans doing the dirty work for the vampire mafia is so unsurprising to me! I’m like I knew it! I wonder if these mysterious disappearances and stuff will start to catch wind in the media. It seems like the broadcast she did in this episode was starting to touch on that.

Tiara: Speaking of the new anchor, I found her an interesting character. It wasn’t until the end of the episode when she’s talking to San, I finally understood her motivation. Kyeong Soo cast aside his journalistic integrity for money which only disappointed Seung Hee. Sure, Seung Hee didn’t have the courage to give everything for her love for Kyeong Soo, but that’s her choice to make. She decided not to meet him anyone but in front of a camera. She can’t change the past. She seemed cold explaining her decision to San, but I felt this speaks to her character on a social standpoint. It also speaks volumes about how San is still living with the ghost of his dead girlfriend. I get he can’t move on without knowing why, but it’s better to be left in the dark without answers. I liked out the mystery of the week connected back with San. It was a very good character beat and I hope to see more from our other characters.

Wendilynn: Well, she chose money over love and you can’t really dwell on that and be happy. Her parting message to her lost love was also a challenge to San to keep searching. I think San was putting it behind him as much as he could given how much that gunshot damaged his health. It wasn’t until he saw that necklace that he found out there was more going on. Especially now that they’ve turned him into a vampire. Did anyone else get a kick out of him just kicking butt and jumping over cars? Lol

June: I’m going to be super honest and the ending whenever San played the anchor’s ex’s videos almost made me cry. It was just so sad thinking these were the last messages he had for her. Their situation was such a sad one. There’s definitely something more that San has to discover and honestly I can’t wait for his character to continue to grow as he finds out more about his abilities.

Tiara: The only reason why San took the case to begin with is because of what Seung Hee said about her necklace. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a conspiracy theory underneath the cases that keep knocking on Team San’s door. Is Godmother Vamp setting these things up because of her connection with San? It appears too much of a convenience, all these cases to not be related. Not to mention, everyone is connected in Dramaland. I know that much from my years of watching KDramas.

Wendilynn: That’s storytelling for you. Each case has to bring San closer to the truth of his existence. His past cannot stay buried.

June: The past will soon come back to haunt him for sure.

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