Welcome to today’s case, the Black Dragon Code, where Team San is called in to decode a mob boss’ dragon drawing. Thankfully, San has read Dan Brown’s books and begins channelling his old human powers of Sherlock and Robert Langdon to save his hand. Come join June, Wendilynn, and I, Tiara, as we analyze Vampire Detective episode 3.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Wendilynn: The minute they said that the father drew dragons for his kid’s births, I knew there had to be a fourth child, since that “will” had 4 dragons on it. Sort of an “oh duh” sort of moment.

June: I agree! Once he did that I was like where’s the fourth child! I did feel like they were putting a lot of emphasis on the Lawyer person, so when they revealed he was the child, I wasn’t very surprised.

Tiara: I thought the drama was going to pull a rabbit out of it’s hat and have same child who didn’t know his father was a mob boss. I wasn’t thinking the Lawyer was his child. It was a nice twist and I should have seen it coming, but I was just caught up in the dragon paintings to not see the what was in front of me.

Wendilynn: I was also expecting a younger child. So I was caught surprised by the lawyer angle. These cases are always so heartbreaking. This time, there was no selfishness involved. Just the pure love of a father. His two gangster boys though….oh my gosh. Tweedledee and Tweedledum if there ever was a pair. Lol

June: Omg those two brothers were too much. I was like you all need to calm down this instant. I want to know who was the guy who attacked San at the restaurant. Cause I thought he had taken the will!

Tiara: I really loved this case. Like Wendilynn stated, it’s about a father’s love towards his children. He went to jail for a crime he didn’t do for his poor little boy. He gave up so much so for his first son. It’s such a shame his second and third son can’t live up to the first born. I’m glad Dad didn’t give the business to any of them. He because a mob boss because of bad situations and didn’t want the same for his kids. The amount of feels I got from this episode, I almost needed a box of tissues. Speaking of the guy from the restaurant, he’s clearly a lacky vamp for the Godmother Vamp.

Wendilynn: lol, I love that you are calling her the Godmother Vamp. She is certainly a mob boss, for sure. I liked that the Dad gave everything to the one child that went straight and had nothing to do with the being a gang member. I shouldn’t have been surprised that our fake ID guy was involved with vampires, but to see that he had made new ID’s for their missing friends was a shock. Not that we didn’t already suspect that they lived through the car explosion. The look of stunned shock on San’s face though…. Lee Joon produced so much emotion on his face. It hard to not feel everything he is feeling at any given moment.

June: That moment was everything in this episode!! I love how each episode we get closer to uncovering what happened with those two missing people. Clearly, something happened and I can’t wait to see where those two went.

Tiara: I think it’s a good name for our Big Baddie until either we get to know her name or she takes San up on his calling card. It was a great ending this week. We know San’s comrades aren’t dead and our Godmother Vamp has a pretty big business going on from blood banks to fake IDs. The real question is what the heck does this all mean?

Wendilynn: Well, in this day and age, people get cranky when random people just disappear. Or die. Keeping vampires under the radar takes serious work.

June: This is true. I mean they got the tip about those homeless people going missing, so they have to keep an even lower profile now. I just want to see Godmother Vamp and her face. I’m just like who are you!! Granted, I hope she is not San’s ex or whatever. Lol I think it would make things more interesting that the ex is just a lackey. Lol

Tiara: It makes me wonder how many government people’s pockets are being filled for staying quiet. If she has the Black Dragon Gang working for her, she’s got probably a lacky everywhere. We know Oppa was working on vampire blood. It’s not a cure, but a hybrid for the virus. I assume the vamps want to walk in the day. Is there a mystery to Godmother Vamp? Or is she just a vampire doing shady business like any normal mafia/gang. Keeping her people safe?

Wendilynn: From the cast list, if Vamp Boss is who I think it is, then we are in for a great crazy time. The actress in question is known for bringing out the crazy in awesome ways. I’m excited to have her show up. I’m sure it will be baaaaaaaaad when she does, but still.

June: I’m pretty impressed with all the connections this Boss has. Like she is pretty much THE top Boss in this operation. Lol I’m like it must take a crazy, scary lady to keep all these people in check.

Tiara: Switch gears, anyone else loving the happy family of Team San? San and his Hyung are adorable but Gyeo Wool is totally a great fix in the dynamics.

Wendilynn: I agree she is a great fit. She felt naturally part of the group in this episode. Still a little on the outside, but not for long. I did catch that when they were being threatened by the gangsters at the funeral, Hyung put his arm around her to protect her. Did you catch that?

June: This little group is the best. I love their dynamics so much! They are doing a great job with this group.

Tiara: Hyung may have put his arm around Gyeo Wool, but she took it off as soon as she noticed. Ha! She may have lost a brother, but she just gain two more.

Get our your handy dandy notebooks detectives as we mark all all the information we know thus far.

San’s gift:

Not allergic to sunlight, visions of moments from the dead, and night vision.

San wasn’t much of an eater before his change, but no human food has been consumed.

Doctor Dude gave San an inhaler of blood, but we’ve yet to see him use it.

Mystery update:

His police comrades in the first episode are getting fake IDs - Possible not dead?

Godmother Vamp has a blood bank of homeless and a fake ID ring - New identities and a restaurant just for vamps?

San’s calling card - Will Godmother Vamp take him up on the offer to call?

That’s all the information we have right now. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see San become a bit of Blade with a mixture of Angel. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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