Welcome back to this week’s Vampire Detective Drama Club! We had a huge reveal this week, and it seems like the drama is about to pick up with even more action. Join Wendilynn, Tiara and I as we discuss this week’s episode!


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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June: I got my wish because we finally saw Vampire Godmother! Even though I had already known who was going to play her, I was still excited for her appearance!

Tiara: I’m sorry but I can’t call her by her name. There’s one Yo Na and Godmother Vamp is not my Yo Na. Our Big Bad did have a great entrance into this week’s case. I liked the deception she played to get closer to Vampire Investigation. She’s living up to her frightening reputation.

Wendilynn: She wears the Yo Na name well. Lol However, yes, there is only one Yo Na for me as well. Lol

June: She definitely is frightening and doesn’t care who gets in her way. Whenever she was telling that one model what her oppa really did was so cold. She definitely likes taking away people’s hope and happiness.

Tiara: She’s fascinating character for sure. She killed these models and put the blame on the photographer. She used this man’s love to make him admit the the killings, but he’s not exactly an innocent. I found it thought-provoking our Big Bad vamp had actually put away a bad man.

Wendilynn: Karma was played for sure in regards to our psycho photographer. But, she also really enjoyed the horror of telling the truth to ruin happiness. I’m sure what she knows about the brother would turn his sister’s hair too. She was playing a convincing blind person up until she walked past them in the apartment. That’s when I knew something was up because you can feel people breathing at that proximity.

June: Yeah, I think that’s around where I knew something was up! Also, when they asked that nurse about him having a sister or something and she was like I had no idea.

Tiara: Sadly, I’d seen the character posters. It took the element of surprise away from me when I saw Lee Chung Ah pretending to be the blind sister. I wished the drama would’ve kept the big bad a secret without a poster. However, I could see why she was convincing. Gyeo Wool trusted her story, but her trust was more emotional and personal. I think her trust helped the boys believe the story too until the evidence starting not to add up.

Wendilynn: I don’t think the boys trusted it at all. They are seasoned enough to know that something didn’t smell right from the beginning. After all, the murder weapon was in his house. But she believed in it so strongly that they were willing to humor her with it. I think it goes to show that they consider her part of their own already.

June: In regards of Gyeo Wool and the big baddie, I wonder what she knows because that whole interaction between them was so eerie. I knew she wasn’t going to kill her or anything but her threat was seriously so menacing.

Tiara: Godmother Vamp has all the answers about Gyeo Wool’s brother. However, I’m with you June. She kept talking about not trusting anyone, but she also called Gyeo Wool a liar. Is there more about Gyeo Wool we don’t know about? She’s lied to us and the boys once before. What more is she hiding?

Wendilynn: Oh absolutely there are lies waiting to be told. Vamp Boss loves knowing the juicy news that will royally upset someone. To reveal it at the moment it will cause the most grief. Like, who the person was taking pictures and leaving it for them to find in a certain digital camera.

June: Oh for sure. I think that’s why I’m so excited that we finally got to see the Vamp Boss because I know more and more things are going to be revealed and it’s about to get real up in this drama.

Tiara: She has answers evening San is looking for. It seems out Godmother Vamp is a bit of a stalker. It’s like she playing hide and seek with him. The overall mystery is heating up, but I hoping to get more information on his blood. We got some troubling news from our Doctor. Is someone going to give San the Vampires for Dummies book?

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