Welcome vampires to secrets, resentment and a couple of cases of crazy as we solve this week’s mystery. San is charged with protecting a celebrity who has a psycho fan wanting her dead. Good thing for vampire super hearing. Join Tiara, June and I, Wendilynn, as we discuss this week’s case on Vampire Detective.

Wendilynn: There were way too many people wanting our celebrity dead this week.


Tiara: Well it’s showbiz. Everyone wants to get to the top somehow.

June: Very true! It’s crazy how many suspects we had in this episode. I had to think on overtime to try and figure out who was trying to kill our top actress!

Wendilynn: I could tell the secondary actress was wanting her dead, but I was surprised by the manager. I felt bad for him. He was as much a victim of the original crime 10 years ago as our celebrity was. Its sad to me how many times these kdramas have people blamed who shouldn’t be held responsible. It wasn’t like the celebrity had his mom hurt on purpose. But he still blamed her. I really don’t like this guilt by association - because I need someone to blame- thing.

Tiara: I too figured Eun Chae was part of wanting to get rid of Seol Ah by the comment Gyeo Wool made about the perfume. I knew that clue would be used later to reveal she had something to do with it. As for Seol Ah’s handler, Min Soo, he was never on my radar. I get he blamed Seol Ah for his mother’s death, but I found them racing over the reveal a shame. Revenge can be a never ending cycle and it would’ve been interesting to see more from his side of the story instead of the jealous second lead actress. It’s a trope in dramaland and it isn’t very fascinating.

VDe5  hatred.jpg

June: I figured Eun Chae was a part of it whenever she had showed up to the same acupuncture office right after Seol Ah. I was like this can’t be a coincidence at all, especially in a k-drama! However, Min Soo kind of flew under the radar for me because it’s like you saw him kind of in the beginning of the drama and then the end, and then BAM! We find out the truth.

Wendilynn: I think they did that deliberately so that you were thrown off guard and it worked for me. It was so unfortunately that Eun Chae was all full of resentment and there they were trying to help her get her star to rise without her knowing. Talk about irony and so unfortunate.

Tiara: By the time Eun Chae was revealed, I was just a little annoyed. I was really hoping the story would’ve had a different twist for the second person. It was a wasted opportunity on the dramas part to have done something different.


June: True, though I did like when they did reveal she was a part of it, it came back to smack her in the face. This whole time they were trying to make her the star of the show and she was only thinking of revenge. It’s like you should have never gotten involved because now you really ruined your chances of becoming a lead star.

Wendilynn: Well, jealousy can and does ruin many a person’s life. I was hoping for a little more on the vampire senses, like a new emerging skill, besides super hearing. And I found it interesting that he disregarded jail boy’s warning and is going to meet Vamp Boss. Answers must be discovered.


Tiara: I have a pet peeve when it comes to the San’s vampiric abilities. We’re about at the halfway point of the drama, the lack of worry, understanding, and pretty much anything about what San was injected with has been glossed over. Why isn’t he questioning what’s going on with him?

June: I agree! I’m starting to wonder when we are going to actually find out what really is up with the blood that was injected in San. Also, when is he going to get new abilities and what not. I’m sure there has to be more considering how the Godmother Vamp is super interested in him. Speaking of her, I was kind of bummed we didn’t see her until the very last part of the episode. I was so sure there had to be some kind of connection between the case and her, and was surprised when there wasn’t.

Wendilynn: I think they want to build up the scary factor where she is concerned...mystery and all that. As for San’s abilities, we know he can go full vamp because we’ve seen him when he took down that gang. But his little inhaler allows him to keep control of his vampire instincts when they want to take over. We don’t even know as much as his doctor clearly does. Sort of irritating at this point.


Tiara: Not seeing Godmother Vamp this week be connected to our case was a nice fresh of air. I look at it like the calm before the storm. She’s got plans for San. I’m wondering how long these plans have been in motion for him. Before the crap hits the fan, I’m glad the case wasn’t about her. However back to San’s abilities, this is suppose to be his origin story. We the viewers are supposed to go on this journey/adventure of becoming a “superhero”. I want to feel his pain, worry along with him, but over all I want to root for him to not to live long to become a villain but the hero. I want to see him learn how to use his new powers and try to figure out what the heck he is. It frustrates and worries me to see San so peaceful about what is happening to him. If it was me, I would be freaking out learning I could run without dying. 

San is actively hunting down the questions that make up his existence.  What is he now?  What happened to his ex-girlfriend and friend?  Are they even still alive?  What is the secret of his blood?  Just what hell does our Godmother Vamp have in store for her little mouse?  Let us hear what your pet theories are in the comments below.

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