It’s showtime in 5,4,3,2,1! It’s everyone’s 15 minutes of fame as this week’s case brings Team San to the dark side of internet live streaming. With Gyeo Wool’s hacking skills and San’s abilities, will the team be able to catch DOK77, aka the Chairman, before another internet superstar dies? Come join June, Wendilynn, and I, Tiara, as we delve into Vampire Detective episode 9.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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June: So why do I feel like we’re moving away more and more from finding out about San’s blood and the vampires each week? Lol I mean we had the little bit in the beginning but part of me is like hello?? Though I do like how each case every week is different.

Wendilynn: Agreed. I’m starting to get tired of not getting more of San’s actual story. And we don’t have too many more episodes left.

Tiara: It’s like I’ve said before, this is San’s origin story and we haven’t really gotten to experience him go through these new changes or powers. Nor do we understand why Godmother Vamp is a different vampire from the vamps in Vampire Prosecutor. It’s confirmed these series are linked. A little mythology would be logical at this stage.

June: I agree. I still like the series, I just wish we had more answers! We are already on episode 9 and it still feels like it’s early in the series because of how little has been answered. Oh well, what did you think of the livestreaming incident?

Tiara: The case this week is a look into the underbelly of livestreaming, but not truly. It’s sad about Wook death’s being shown live online and about his father and him couldn’t connect. However, I’ve heard worse stories about livestreaming and it doesn’t really compare to the darkness they we’re trying to get too.

Wendilynn: It was pretty tame all things considered.

June: I agree. I honestly thought from the preview from last week that the person who killed him was some random vampire but it wasn’t. Lol I think I’m just hoping to see one pop up every now and then, but besides that it was sad with this whole situation.

Tiara: One of the problems I had with the story was the father assuming his son’s death was the challenge set up by the Chairman. To be fair, it probably didn’t help his son’s health to eat the food in three minute or under. I get the father wanted to put the blame on someone, but this was the kind of work Wook signed up for. He could’ve chosen not to accept the money along with the challenge.

June: Very true and because of that, it was just a downward spiral from there! I was a little disappointed that we never really got to see the Chairman until he was confirmed to be dead. I wanted to see his thoughts on this other than just flashbacks.

Tiara: The Chairman being a perv wasn’t all that surprising. I agree it’s a shame not to see the man behind the computer screen before his death, but on the other hand he’s not someone anyone will miss. However, can someone explain how Wook’s father was pretending to be the Chairman? How was he able to access his login information?

June: True. I feel like there is always that one skeevy chairman in every K-Drama. I was wondering that too because how did he get all his information from? Did he have access to his computer or something? That’s definitely something I missed out on.

Wendilynn: The holes in the storyline this week shouldn’t be looked at too closely.

Tiara: It’s a plot hole for sure. I guess he could’ve figured out how to get into his phone, but the drama was showing a dark man in a room on a computer. I think it’s something we’re going to have to whistle past to enjoy the story which is sad. These stories have been pretty good at not leaving holes like this one. On another note, San gets a warning phone call from Yoo Jin. The dog with a bone is going to be going crazy next episode.

June: Oh for sure! He’s finally heard from the person he’s been thinking of/looking for. I’m just like finally she contacted him and we can finally move forward with this. Lol

Wendilynn: About bloody time. (pun intended) I like that we have confirmed that our undercover duo are vampires, and possibly always have been. Now that San knows his girl is alive, he’s going to be pulling walls down to find her. Did anyone else find it interesting that Hyung noticed his eyes being yellow and covered for San? I admit that it's sort of driving me batty that they don’t go into who knows what.

Tiara: Ha! I think we’re going to be moving to the past before we move forward. Fingers cross we finally find out what happened all those years ago. It’s time to get some answers. Hyung was definitely covering for San when he went all vampy, but apparently it’s not disconcerting.

June: True! Lol I guess we need to go back to the past to be able to go forward in the future.

Tiara: I hope for San’s sake he’s able to finally let Yoo Jin go. The brooding over his not so dead girlfriend, I’m so over it. I’m so ready for him to start living again and possibility dating.

Wendilynn: I’m not expecting any romance from this show. I did find it cute though that once they got the clean makeup look on Gyeol Wool, both boys noticed. Not in a “my heart is thumping” sort of way, but more of a big brother, ‘wow, she can be pretty” sort of thing.

Tiara: I’m just saying there are lots of fish in the sea. I love how San kept saying Gyeol Wool was pretty. Of course, it’s her feisty attitude the boys agreed they like her best.

I guess this is the claim before the storm with this murky case of the week. Sure, it’s a sad and bleak look into the livestreaming business. Yet, we’re still slowly dipping our toes in the cold water when it comes to San’s old partner and ex girlfriend. This mystery is much bigger than a single villain. Can we assume what happen in their undercover mission is what lead them to the present? Tae Woo doesn’t seem like the loveable BFF we saw in the first episode. He’s cold and hard and he’s got power. Nine episodes down and three to go. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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