Get your Sherlock gear on, because this week’s case is a murder mystery game of Clue. Team San is off to Hyung’s High School reunion to try and solve the case, which has haunted him for the last 20 years. Who killed Lee Soo Yeon? San won’t need any vampire powers to crack this case, but he’ll tap into his human Sherlock abilities with his two Watsons as backup to unravel this murder mystery. Come join June, Wendilynn, and I, Tiara, as we investigate Vampire Detective episode 6.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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June: I really liked this week’s episode! It felt like San was more of Sherlock than vampire San and it was refreshing. The whole time they showed the school in the dark just had such a creepy vibe. Though I couldn’t help but feel so sad for Goo Hyung and Soo Yeon.

Tiara: It was a great game of clue, I mean episode. The great things about the episode was the character beats and getting a chance to learn about Hyung. I feel like I’ve learned more about him in this 60 minute episode than I have about San in the last six episodes..

Wendilynn: It was nice to see a more typical mystery solving episode. I also loved the storytelling beats. They would say one thing that sounded ominous and then they’d backfill with the real story. It was great. And it was awesome that San didn’t actually need his vampire powers. It was just him.

June: I totally agree! Haha! I’m starting to wonder just when will we learn more about San! It’s already episode six! We need to get the ball rolling on more about him and his friends that are missing.

Tiara: I really don’t want to sound like a broken record when it comes to San’s lack of vampire powers, but the series is at its halfway point and were not any closer to understanding anything. It’s a shame, but I’m glad to understand more about Hyung and his reasons for becoming a detective. Of course, why he left the police force is for another day.

June: I agree with you! I’m starting to feel like they might start rushing into explaining what happened to him. Back to this week, what did you think of the outcome of the mystery?

Tiara: It was a fun mystery, but I kind of figured it out. What about you?

June: Yeah, I started to notice the little things and figured it out.

Wendilynn: I didn’t start to suspect the teacher till the end. And his reasons came as a surprise to me. I just did not get that old lecher vibe off him.

Tiara: It was the missing teacher during most scenes which got me yelling at the computer for them to figure it out already. Not to mention, he’s the one who got them drinking. Teacher of the Year right there.

June: Exactly! I was like this is not right! Go get him!! But yeah there’s something about episodes in a dark filled school that are just so creepy. I was waiting for something to pop up at me at any time. Lol! I’m glad nothing did though.

Wendilynn: The only thing that popped up for me was how close all the adults looked like their younger counterparts. It was almost creepy casting. And the dark school was a nice touch considering that the crime happened the same way.

Tiara: Agree. I loved the dark school and creepiness to set the stage to caught a killer. I can’t say I was totally shock to find one of the students involved in Soo Yeon’s death. It makes sense the teacher had help to set up the game. My favorite part of this episode was the group playing the game.

June: I was shocked too to see that one of them helped the teacher with Soo Yeon’s death! I was like how could you! That game was super interesting though!

Wendilynn: I figured she knew more than she was letting on considering how much she tried to stop them from learning the truth.

Tiara: I kind of wished for more time with the game. Darn the show for having Gyeo Wool back out of her task. However, I wish I could hold my liquor like a champ. Did you caught the smile on San’s face before she decided on her punishment and his expression after was amusing too.

June: Oh yes I did! I was like I wonder what is going in his head! I have been wondering since the beginning if they were going to make them into a love line. So far, it seems like it won’t go that way.

Wendilynn: That was funny, but there is more chemistry going on between Goo Hyung and her than with San. I just don’t see that being anything more than friends/sister type of relationship.

Tiara: I’m with you June, I’ve been wonder the same since San’s been in a teasing mood with Gyeo Wool the last few episodes. I don’t see the drama making a flashy love line, but I think San first has to get over his dead/alive ex-girlfriend before we see this romance take off. Yet, I would still ship it. ^_^

June: I want them to get that dead/alive ex-girlfriend thing done and over with. I’m getting tired of San get so angsty over it. Lol Sorry to say! I’m just like we just need to find out what happened and then go on with it, but I know it’ll probably not be that easy.

Tiara: Brooding San without a shower is not fun. You’re right, finding out what happen won’t be easy, but I don’t think it was solve all his problems either. Like Hyung, he finally found out what happen to his first love. Heck, all his classmates were involved in some form which caused her death. All those rumors, lies, and secrets they’ve kept. Just like San said,” nothing good comes from learning the truth”.

June: More Brooding San in a shower would be okay! Lol! Just kidding! But I agree, the truth won’t really set him free or anything. If anything, it might cause some more problems but I guess only time will tell.

Wendilynn: Truth may not be easy or liked, but you are free in many ways once you know what really happened. Even if it carries more burden, it allows you to finally put it to rest and go on.

Tiara: Switching gears, Godmother Vamp is trying to show San who’s top dog in this game. Is it me or does she not feel too comical villain twirling her mustache?

Wendilynn: (Falls over laughing at that image)

June: She really is! She’s just playing around with him at this point. I wonder if she’s going to just call him up every week and have him beat up.

Tiara: Probably. I actually forgot she was at the beginning of the episode when San got the text at the end. I’m just not seeing the imminent danger of Godmother Vamp. She’s all words and no action and it’s a little hard to take her seriously at the moment.

June: Same. I’m just waiting for her to actually do something.

Wendilynn: Well, if the previews are anything to go buy, we get more story finally from her next week. However, just from what we’ve seen of San’s intelligence and wit, I think she might have met her match. She is underestimating San because she’s been the big baddie for so long. Don’t get me wrong, she’s intelligent and evil, but she sees San as a hunting dog, and that means she will give herself away. San, with Goo Hyung and Gyeol Wool at his side is a powerful combo. She may have tested them a little with the photographer, but I think next week is hopefully going to get our juices flowing.

The case was another nice break away from the our main mystery. It was great to look into Hyung’s character and his motivation for becoming a detective. It’s heart breaking to see him have to go through such a traumatic event so young. With the case of his first love finally being solved, Hyung can let go of the past and move on. It’s funny how similar San and him are with being frozen in time by unanswered questions. However, Godmother Vamp isn’t willing to answer much of anything, yet. Six episodes down and six more to go. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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