Welcome back to the Vampire Detective Drama Club! We finally got a little backstory on our Godmother Vamp and we get a mention of a familiar prosecutor that went missing three years ago! We wonder who that could be! ;) Join Tiara, Wendilynn, and I as we watch the drama unfold!

Tiara: Who knew Godmother Vamp was actually a decent person when she was human. Did anyone else get taken back by this week’s inside look into our villain?

Wendilynn: I was totally surprised this ended up being a villian backstory episode. But it was also an interesting one. You got to see just how she became the warped crazy lady we all love to hate. And her accomplice...how he went from a sweetheart to a psychopath… *shudder* There are just some things you DON’T do for love.

June: I was glad we got a backstory on her in this episode and that it wasn’t dragged on for any later episodes. Oh my god, the path her and her accomplice went down sure was a crazy one though.

Tiara: I loved the young romance between Eun Hye and Young Gwang. It was sweet and innocent until she was reborned as a vampire. I too was surprised at Young Gwang’s love for Eun Hye after her transfer, but we knew this young love wasn’t going to last. They both were made into monsters. I really do sympathize with our Godmother Vamp. She got a bad roll in life, but I’m glad she had someone to care for her.

Wendilynn: She was once a good person, but he locked her up for ten years and let her feed on the drained blood of his victims. That’s going to warp a person. I thought it was interesting that they let us see how the look on his face changed from tortured heartbreak at what he was doing to calculated precision and heartlessness. It was chilling.

June: I honestly felt bad for Yo Na after seeing her back story and seeing what she went through. On top of that, she saw how her friend and Young Gwang were together, she must have felt super betrayed and heartbroken, like before.

Tiara: I do wonder if Eun Hye could let go of Young Gwang if it was anyone, but her friend. It would’ve been hard for her, but I don’t think she would have attacked the girl. It’s heartbreaking to see these young lives destroyed in a matter of seconds. I want to root for her, but on the other hand the girl needs to tone it down. If she needed help, asking or money does the job. Just saying ...

Wendilynn: Yeah, the whole hunting dog routine was a bit much. And it won’t take much for San to snap and kill her if she crosses the line. Pulling his friends, including the doctor and his nurse as hostages was quite the trick. I was not expecting her to pull those two in. I also agree that if he had just left without showing the girl he was leaving with, she probably would have let him go. The character knew better, too bad the writers didn’t. And speaking of twists…. Dead male friend is Young Gwang’s head of security?!!

June: I was surprised too that all of his friends, even the doctor and nurse were roped into this but I’m sure San has it under control somehow. I’m low key annoyed we were left with a cliffhanger and we have to wait until next week to see what happens.

Tiara: It was a nasty trick Godmother Vamp pulled on San by calling in his friends in as bait. I don’t think the group would have said no to money. However, I do believe Gyeo Wool finally understood the danger the group was in. The counting down towards the end have me sweating waiting for a vampire to attack. Tae Woo is alive, but turned into a vampire. Are we ever going to find out what happen to cause San to be shot and a car to be blown up?

Wendilynn: I hope we are given answers, San certainly needs them. He was heartbroken when he glimpsed his friend leaving. Mind you, he has been given a commission to find another missing vampire and so who knows, we might not be given that information.

June: I agree, I just want answers now to be honest. I need them to start giving them! Next week is episode 8 and I feel like we have barely started to make progress!

Tiara: OMG, OMG, Dr. Blood … OMG!!!! The answer I’ve been waiting for since episode one. Ladies, we’re in the Vampire Prosecutor universe. Min Tae Yeon is still missing for these three years. Are you kidding me?? San can’t back down on his promise. He better find our Vampire Prosecutor and hopefully *fingers cross* we’ll get news of a season 3. Please Drama Gods, make this happen like yesterday.

Wendilynn: lol, I’m sure you were not the only one jumping in excitement. Its been several years since I’ve seen VP and so I knew he looked familiar but it didn’t click right away. I thought it was a great tease to the fans.

June: I need to catch up on that drama because I was so lost on that part. Hehe.

Tiara: Vampire Prosecutor is sooo good!!! I’ll try to contain my fangirling, but I make no promises. I just want a little cameo and maybe just some news. It can happen, we’re only 7 episodes in. We got time. I’m also okay with another Buddy Cop episode with Godmother Vamp and San. It was pretty entertaining.

Wendilynn: I don’t know if I can handle their good cop/bad cop routine, though. Lol I have to admit, while I was caught off guard by the background story, which fleshes out our bad girl as not just a monster, I still want to see San kill her. Am I being too bloody minded? *grin*

June: I feel like he won’t kill her in the end but something else will but who knows!

Tiara: I agree, I’m not sure San has the heart to kill. She deserve to pay for her crimes, but I’m not sure San can end her life. He was a police officer who’s duty was to save the innocent and arrest the bad. He wasn’t the judge, jury, or executioner, but maybe there is someone else who can be.

Wendilynn: I see it as a matter of necessity. He’ll do it to protect others. I see our bad girl as the type who will give him no choice, especially after this episode.

June: It’s like what will it be, what will it be!

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