A girl is possessed and it will take San and company to find out if they can really trust the slimy faith healer that our tattoo artist doctor loathes on sight. It’s time to call friends in the fortune telling community to see what is fact and what is fiction...and poke fun at a cultural superstition all at once. Join Tiara, June and I, Wendilynn, as we grab our crosses and holy water for an old fashioned exorcism on episode 8 of Vampire Detective.


Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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Wendilynn: For all the fortune telling and ghosts this episode, I have to admit, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved that they poked fun at the fortune telling superstition that is prevalent in Korean culture.

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June: I loved this episode a lot and I was surprised by that, to be honest! The whole element of ghosts and possession was a nice change. I was also glad we got to see a bit of San’s Doctor’s backstory.

Tiara: Considering the dramaland of Vampire is mythical, I like this take of fake with a dash of supernatural. I’m totally with you, June about Doctor Hwang. We’re taking time to establish a family unit with San by driving into the backstories of the people surrounding him. Not to mention, Gyeol Wool reminding San to not shut her and Goo Hyung out. They’re a team.

Wendilynn: Somehow I had missed that he was actually a tattoo artist. I just thought he was a local clinic doctor who didn’t like working in major hospitals.


June: I actually missed that detail too! Now I’m like ohhhhh i see! But it would make sense cause Se Ra always has random tattoos on her. Lol

Tiara: It’s super easy to forget Doctor Hwang is actually a tattoo artist. We’ve been busy with other stories which have made us not look at the man behind the scrubs. I’d been wondering what made the good doctor left to become an artist. It makes me wonder is he really wanted to be a Doctor in the first place.

Wendilynn: yeah, Se Ra’s role makes much more sense now. His Mother was a trip, totally taken advantaged of, willingly. This is what happens when you don’t keep things in moderation. Even God says not to get extreme.

June: Oh my gosh, his mother was so crazy and it was getting on my last nerve. Also, the priest was too! I’m like why can’t you see that he’s manipulating you. I was just waiting for San to kick his butt. I knew he was a fraud and I couldn’t wait for him to be exposed.


Tiara: I’m sadden for the Doctor Hwang’s family being ripped apart by a scamming monk. I feel sorry and not for his mom. She blindly trusted this man and began to have feelings for him to find out it was all a lie. She must feel horrible towards her children and dead husband. Yet on the other hand, she didn’t protect her children or her husband. She’s a victim on one hand and on the hand, I really hate her.

Wendilynn: That’s a consequence of blind faith and fear. Please, understand that real faith is not blind or afraid. I got tickled that they called in a friend in ‘the business” and then had those interviews with other fortune tellers. “Who doesn’t change jobs at least once?” “What woman doesn’t have some resentment against some man”. Lol So funny to me.

June: I was just surprised towards the end when the friend really did get possessed! Not only did we hear the Dad talk to his children but then someone went and talked to San as well. I’m super curious about what they said and if we’ll get to know more about San and the blood. We also got to see the pair who “died” in the beginning, very much alive!!

Tiara: I’m glad the family got some closure. All the cards have been put on the table and it’s time for the family to heal. As for the prophecy San will “meet that woman”, it’s what we’ve been waiting for since Yoo Jin shot him. Is it me does she look pregnant? Was she being used by Godmother Vamp five years ago and Tae Woo “saved” her by turning? How does she not know San survived?

Wendilynn: Very much alive, which we knew they were. But, I’m not getting a vampire vibe off them. Dirty underground work, yes. Became vampires? I’m not sure.

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June: Yeah, I didn’t get that vibe either. So I’m trying to figure out what exactly they are involved with. Also, will we get to see more of Godmother Vamp soon? I hope so!

Tiara: Tae Woo is a vampire as we saw last episode. There’s just some many questions and no real answers. Will we get a flashback to San’s undercover mission? Will we find out why they left San to die on the side of the road? With 8 episodes down and 4 more to go, the drama gots some explaining to do.

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