Legendary J-rockers Hyde and Kaz from VAMPS sat down with the Nutty Nomads for a quick chat before heading off to their show later that night at the historic Roxy Theatre. The guys were really chill as they conversed with us about their tour, airplane fashion, and their need to find a cure for jet lag...ASAP! So sit back, relax, and hang out with the two main "vampires" who rock out the best, VAMPS! 

Just a quick disclaimer: Cristina might have acted a little differently than normal since Hyde is one of the main reasons for her love of J-rock and Japanese music in general and she has been a fan since 2002! Translation: calm and chatty on the outside just trying to hold it together, while freaking out on the inside! We were so honored and thankful that we were able to do this interview! Enjoy! ^_^