How far would you go to refute rumors? Arissa Cheo, heiress wife of Taiwanese star Vaness Wu, has tended to be quite vocal in expressing her opinions. Recently, she was so upset by some online comments about her that she posted an X-ray of her face to prove that she's never had plastic surgery.

According to media reports, an Instagram user posted on June 11 that Arissa Cheo was not a "natural beauty." She further added that Arissa had done plastic surgery before.

The Singaporean socialite and fashion entrepreneur apparently got really upset. She hit back by posting an X-ray that was just taken at the dentist as she was going to get Invisalign to straighten her teeth. She wrote that the X-ray showed there has been no work done on her nose or face. 

Arissa also added that she does not have fake double eyelids. She said that she and her brothers have natural double eyelids. (Many Asian women who are born with single eyelids have had surgery to make double eyelids in the belief that they would look more beautiful.) On the other hand, she also said that she would not rule out doing plastic surgery when she's older.

Arissa she she's heard similar rumors over the years. She's always chosen to stay silent but finally decided to respond. She concluded by saying, "I know I'm NOT perfect and I never said I was or PRETENDED to be some saint. I'm just ME."

In the meantime, Arissa and Vanness's marriage seems to be doing better as the previously reported public quarrel did not lead to divorce, and Arissa also posted that she's only loved one man in the past 10 years.

What do you think about what Arissa said? Would you consider plastic surgery when you get older?

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