Summer Movies Get ready! This summer, multiple movies starring Korean actors are going to be released at about the same time, going head-to-head. Here's a roundup of a few of them: First off, Ha Jung Woo will star in the film The Terror Live, playing the role of a news anchor, Yoon Young Hwa, who receives a threatening call from a terrorist during a live broadcast stating, “Will bomb Han River’s Mapo Bridge.” The film then plunges headlong into multiple breath-taking head-to-head combat scenes. Next, in the film Cold Eyes, surveillance experts will try to track down a trace-less organized crime, with Jung Woo Sung taking on the role of cold and secretive criminal James. The actor will attempt to brush off his soft image and delve into his first villainous role, battling with Sul Kyung Kyu, who plays the chief detective. Also, fresh off the success of the Hollywood blockbuster G.I. Joe, actor Lee Byung Hun will continue his Hollywood adventure, this time as a simple yet strongly obsessed killer named Han in Red: The Legend, where the CIA agent "R.E.D." returns ten years after retiring in order to take out deadly weapon called "Night Shadow." Lastly, the film Snow Piercer, which takes place during an ice age, on a train in which the last human survivors are riding, during an unstoppable rebellion. Reuniting once again with director Bong Jun Ho, actor Song Kang Ho plays the role of Nam Goong Min Soo, who is the train’s security specialist. It's a rough and strong character, which we haven’t seen for a long time from the actor. There are high expectations for the prideful head-to-head combat of Korea’s representative stars both in name and reality. It'll be hard to choose just one film to see -- we might check them all out! (source: naver news)