Handsome actor Vic Chou is starring opposite Dilraba Dilmurat in the very popular The Flame's Daughter. But, did you know that the fascinating leading man who, like his character in the new drama, has endured great suffering in his real-life journey in love?

1. Vic Chou rose to fame in his debut drama, Meteor Garden (2001), as Hua Zi Lei, the equivalent to Ji Soo in the 2009 Korean version, Boys Over Flowers. Both beloved dramas were adapted from the famous Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango.

2. He actually dated Barbie Hsu, the star of Meteor Garden, after they co-starred in Mars. Their secret romance was revealed in 2005 when Vic had a car accident and Barbie rushed to be with him. They acknowledged their dating relationship, but broke up after a few years. (In 2010, Barbie married Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei.)

3. Sadly, what led to Vic's breakup with Barbie was very likely another terrible car accident.

In January 2007, popular Taiwanese actress Beatrice Hsu died after a tragic car accident on an expressway. She was actually Vic's first girlfriend, but they had broken up before Vic started dating Barbie. The couple's romance was not accepted by her family because, according to Taiwanese media, Vic's social and educational background were considered inadequate and he an unsuitable match. After Beatrice's death, Vic sank into great depression and visibly lost weight.

4. The actor continued to be a popular leading man but stayed single until, finally, in 2015, he announced the surprising news that he had married actress Reen Yu. The couple had quietly dated for four years after meeting in the Taiwanese crime-fighting drama, Black and White.

5. The low-key couple still have not held a customary wedding banquet after marrying by registration. They now have a daughter who was born in 2016. As Vic's career is flourishing in China, he reportedly talks to his wife and daughter daily even when he is away for work.

(Photo posted in 2017, from Reen's FB)

We conclude this article by wishing Vic Chou forever happiness. Just like his character Yin Xue in The Flame's Daughter, Vic Chou is someone who truly understands and appreciates what it's like to have loved deeply but lost love by a twist of fate.

BONUS: Watch and listen to Vic sing "Loving You" in a 2002 MV, when love was full of bright hope without worries.


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We often think it's easy for handsome actors (or beautiful actresses) to find love in real life, but these stars may actually be hampered by their fame and their limited freedom to develop a meaningful relationship. It's not exactly a surprise that all 4 leading men in the 4 different versions of Boys Over Flowers are still single.

If you have loved and lost, it may take some time to heal the pain, but eventually time will help the healing process and lead you to open the door to a new future.

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