Another F4 boy is married! Vic Chou rose to idol fame in Meteor Garden, the first drama series based on the manga Hana Yori Dango, or famously known as Boys over Flowers. His flash wedding arrived on November 10 via a surprise announcement to the fans.

The news that Vic Chou got married is as shocking as if Hwa Ze Lei of Meteor Garden (or Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers) really got married too. After a series of breakups, Vic Chou met actress Reen Yu in a popular Taiwanese crime-fighting drama, Black and White. Their dating relationship was leaked when the paparazzi caught them in an embrace in 2011. After 4 years of low-key dating, the announcement arrived on November 10 with photos posted to their social media accounts that they have registered their marriage.

Reene Yu wrote: "Thank you for being at my side. Thanks to everyone."

(Black and White:)

Although his wedding came as a big surprise to many fans who are opening expressing their shock and posted comments about crying and sadness, the 34-year-old actor has previously said that he wanted to get married and have kids when it's appropriately timed and not wait until it's too late. As reported by China Topix, he even stressed this point, saying, "If one day, both of us think tomorrow is the right day, we may take the next step. . . It's good enough for me to just register the marriage. But we have yet to discuss this." 

Apparently Vic Chou did exactly what he wanted to do, in a flash!

Of course, there is already speculation about whether 28-year-old Reen Yu is pregnant, leading to the quick marriage. The speculation is not exactly baseless, considering the many precedents set by idol actors who delayed getting married as long as possible or until a baby was coming. 

Among the well-wishers is Barbie Hsu, who congratulated the couple and hoped that they'll have a baby soon. Barbie Hsu, the original Jandi, was once caught in a real-life romance with Vic Chou because she went to the hospital to check on Vic when he was injured in a car accident. Now, she is happily married to Chinese businessman and celebrity Wang Xiaofei, with whom she has a daughter and is pregnant with another child.

(Barbie Hsu with husband and daughter:)

(Meteor Garden lead cast:)

It's been 14 years since the release of the famous Meteor Garden, which wowed fans throughout Asia. Sooner or later, idols grow up and want to settle down. Aside from Baribe Hsu, Vanness Wu was the first of the F4 to marry in 2013, although his marriage with heiress wife Arissa Cheo has frequently generated negative newsJerry Yan once said he was getting married but it didn't happen, although fans are still hoping that he would re-unite with Taiwanese top model Lin Chi-Ling. Ken Chu is still single.

Congratulations to Vic Chou and Reen Yu! May you live happily ever after!

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