As some of you may know, Japan is a land of trends, where there's always people caught up in "the latest thing." And if you're curious about what's been trending over there this past year, all you have to do is watch this new commercial for a popular brand of instant ramen noodles, and you'll become a Japanese pop culture expert!

Japanese TV commercials have always had a reputation for their originality and quirkiness, and a new commercial for instant ramen noodles proves that the advertising game in Japan is just as over-the-top now as it ever was. To celebrate the 58th anniversary of their iconic product, Nissin Foods released an almost 3 minute-long commercial for "Chikin Ramen," the first-ever brand of instant ramen noodles in Japan. This particular instant ramen is iconic, invented by Momofuku Ando, who also was the mastermind behind the creation of other instant ramen, including Cup Noodles. 

As for the commercial, it starts off with a drone approaching an apartment building, where a high school girl is preparing some instant noodles. While the girl steps away, the drone grabs her Chikin Ramen and flies away. Determined to get back what's hers, the girl opens her closet, where a kabuto, an ancient warrior helmet used by the samurai, is placed. With the helmet on her head, the now-warrior high school girl goes on a mission to retrieve her noodles. And it's during this mission, that she encounters a total of 20 Japanese trends of the past year. 

The commercial is titled "INSTANT BUZZ: SamuraiDroneCatIdolSuperhumanRubeGoldbergViewerWarningTooExplosiveHighSchool." What the message Nissin has for everyone is this — trends come and go, but Nissin Chikin Ramen is forever. And after 58 years and still going strong, it's sure to be around for another 58 more.