1TYM's Danny, also the host of Danny from LA, went behind the scenes of the shooting of Funny or Die video "Anna Joins f(X)" to interview Hollywood star Anna Kendrick. The Twilight and Pitch Perfect star trained with f(X) as a "new" member of the group. Here is the hilarious video if you haven't watched it yet. Anna dished on what it was like to train and be initiated by the K-pop group. She also admitted that she is intimidated by Victoria. When Danny told her he used to be a K-pop star, she asked him to show some moves. Of course 1TYM don't dance, so she flat out told him  "That sucks, these girls are a lot better than you." Watch the hilarious interview and behind-the-scenes combo here: What did you think of Anna Kendrick's "debut" as a "new" f(X) member? (Source: www.ygunited.com)