PFLAG China has released a video of a 90 year old grandmother's message to the world about her gay grandson. Contrary to common dialogue of traditional elders in Asia, this grandma from Fuzhou holds up a sign reading "we urge the legalization of gay marriages" and makes a surprisingly open-minded announcement:

"I am 90-years old. My grandson is gay. He is kind and mature. I hope he will find a boyfriend and live a happy life. And I hope our government supports him.”

Her grandson has added to her statement, saying that she will most likely "have to deal with lots of pressure from strangers and relatives" after her public video.

"Mutou came out to his parents last year, but it was his nonagenarian nana that was the most supportive and understanding. 'She even tried to calm my parents — who were less accepting in the beginning — and asked them to take it easy,' Mutou told the South China Morning Post. 'She did it out of simple love.'"

Check out the video below!