Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 6.37.36 PM This is the cutest thing ever, seriously. Watch as this little boy's eyes widen in surprise as a dog with a microphone talks to him. With only the trust and naivete that children have, the little boy releases the dog from his cage by his request. We've translated the exchange for your viewing pleasure below. Aww! Woman: Sorry, one moment -- let me take this call Woman: Just wait a second (Kid: Okay!) Man: Okay! The journalist has left the room! Right, only only Fuku-kun and Aru-kun are in the room. Fuku-kun has just come near Aru-kun! Shall we? Let's begin! --- Man (as dog): Fuku-kun! it's Fuku, right? Fuku (astonished): Uh huh…! Dog: I’m Aru. Dog: Can you hear my voice? Fuku: Uh huh! Dog: I’m glad! Dog: Were you surprised? Fuku: Uh huh! Dog: I thought you would be. Fuku: Huh? Dog: I… actually I have something to say. You can't tell anyone! I can't talk with adults. Dog: Fuku-kun… I want to get out of here! Fuku-kun, help me get out of here! Fuku: Hmm… am I allowed to do that? Dog: Of course you can! Even if it's for a little bit, please help me get out! Fuku: Well, okay Dog: Really?? Really? Fuku: Come here! Dog: It's a bit too high up… Dog: Wait, wait wait! Dog: Ahh thank you! Dog: Ahh i'm free! Dog: Fuku-kun thank you! thank you so much! Dog: Wow i'm so happy! Dog: Ooh I want that! I want to eat that I want to eat that!