When little children dance and sing to K-pop music videos, the world becomes a better place! This is so cute! While looking at GLAM "I Like That" reaction videos the other day, I came across this video of a little boy singing and dancing to their video. Now GLAM is the K-pop girl group that Kim Dahee -- who plays Kim NaNa on Monstar -- is a member of. The video itself is colorful and cute with lots of easy dance steps and lyrics. I'm assuming that's why this little boy was able to catch on to it so quickly. He even looks like an Idol with his chic haircut with bang/fringe over his eye and his awesome black turtle neck. He was totally stylin' and rockin' out! In order for you to appreciate the Idol-cuteness of this little boy you should watch GLAM's video first. This way you can catch the parts he's dancing to. Here's the little Idol in the making doing his version of "I Like That" KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via Zakary Rin)