Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 4.12.48 PM Ali Wentworth and Sam Lansky discussed PSY and K-Pop on Yahoo Shine in a video posted today, following Psy's release of his new single "Gentleman." Watch it here: Also, is it just me or is it REALLY annoying when people don't pronounce "Gangnam Style" correctly?! For heaven's sake, it's HALF of the song! If you can sing along correctly to it, WHY can't you say the title right? #EndRant I'm glad Sam Lansky was able to set Ali straight on some popular misconceptions about K-pop though, like how they aren't necessarily Korean teenybopper equivalents of Justin Bieber. I also like the plug Sam makes about 2ne1 and Girls Generation, and how he reveals that K-pop is more than just "Gangnam Style." What do you think about the video? Did they do a good job of explaining K-Pop? What would you have said?