BoA-Disturbance-Taemin1 Speculations arose last week of a possible BoA/Taemin collaboration and, not-so shockingly, it's been confirmed! Her new single "Disturbance" has finally dropped and features SHINee's Taemin and a very sexy kiss—albeit it's on the cheek, but hey, we all know where those things can lead! 15329474 The video, hinging on melodramatic, features the pair going through the pangs of young love. The video ends with Taemin breaking down in tears and then awesomeness ensues as the video becomes interactive and asks the viewer to choose: send Taemin back to the past when all was fine and dandy, or remain in the present where those tears will likely end no time soon? You decide! Together or apart, how do you want to see these two?