If you think you've got relationship problems, you could always have it worse. CCTV footage from December shows a man in Haiku City, China as he carefully lays a trap for his girlfriend and then pushes her into a manhole, where she waited for 60 hours before her eventual rescue.

The footage shows the man as he removes the manhole cover, replacing it with cardboard. He then returns with his girlfriend and guides her over the dangerous spot, forcibly shoving her (and her umbrella) into the manhole, carefully replacing the cover.

According to the victim, who was identified only as Guo, she tried to use her umbrella to get attention. She then fashioned a ladder out of her own clothing in an attempt to escape, but all of her attempts were unsuccessful. Afraid of drowning, she stayed awake through the entire first night. After approximately sixty hours trapped in her terrifying prison, she finally escaped when she was able to climb the ladder and attract some passerby to help. Although she was pale and swollen from being trapped in the water, she received medical attention and recovered.

Her boyfriend has been arrested for attempted murder. He confessed to his crime, which he apparently committed because he owed his girlfriend a debt of more than 100,000 yuan (roughly $16,490).

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