Ghosts have been a part of Japanese folklore since the beginning of time, frightening everyday people with their presence in this life when they're supposed to be in the after-one. Whether in real life, stories, pictures, or now videos, apparitions in Japan spook many and are known to be downright creepy. Just check out this security footage of a man getting into a taxi cab one late night — but make sure you don't do it in the dark. 

Summers in Japan are time for the telling of ghost stories, the kind that literally send chills down your spine. Like most other cultures, Japanese ghosts are said to linger in this life because of something that's keeping their souls from finding peace after death. For example, if a person dies a violent death, or commits suicide, or has untended feelings of rage, revenge, jealousy, hatred, sorrow, or even love, then complications arise. The deceased's soul cannot peacefully move on, where ancestors await. Instead, it stays on earth, ready to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. Basically, if a person dies disturbed, you better hope that you're not the one who did the disturbing.

Which brings us to the chilling video at hand of a lone man getting into a cab at what seems to be a taxi terminal at a local train station. The terminal is pretty much empty, time possibly close to midnight. A cab approaches, and the automatic door opens up (all cabs have automatic doors in Japan). As the unsuspecting man gets in, a ghost-like female figure is seen trailing him, and she gets inside with him! That is pretty creepy, if you ask me. No word on whether this man has seen the footage or not, but it's sure to spook him out if he has. 

Japanese taxi drivers, and those from other countries as well, have many stories to tell regarding strange experiences they've had. Drivers work alone, work nights, and are often tired, and they are constantly driving near cemeteries, hospitals, accident scenes, or wherever ghosts are known to appear. So it makes perfect sense that they would see ghosts. Unless, of course, you don't believe in them; then none of this makes sense. 

So what is it? Ghost? Or not?


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