A cosplayer in Taiwan just recently did something no one has ever done before. Dressed as Goku from Dragon Ball, the man flew through the streets of Taipei on a Flying Nimbus, navigating through traffic and amusing onlookers along the way.

The mysterious Goku seen flying around Taipei on his Nimbus goes by the YouTube handle Yes Ranger, and he's definitely gained a lot of fans with his latest stunt. What Yes Ranger did was turn his hoverboard into Goku's flying cloud, dress up like the famous Saiyan, and venture out into the city. Because he is somewhat of a superhero, Goku does politely follow traffic laws while riding, making sure to be safe while still having some fun. A few haters have pointed out his flaws, such as his non-spiky hair and sunglasses, but who really cares? Definitely not the onlookers taking photos, nor the kids who run and follow their favorite anime character as if he was the real thing.

Yes, Goku has arrived in Taipei. When he will appear again is anyone's guess. 

Behind the scenes