Here is a really easy and fun way to make Halloween Sushi treats with smoked salmon, avocados and rice. You then cut pieces from Nori sheets to make the features for a Jack O'-Lantern face!

This video from the creative cooking artist, Ochikeron, shows how to make avocado rice, wrap it in smoke salmon, and then cut pieces from Nori sheets (seaweed paper) to complete the Halloween sushi treat. The presentation is enhanced with using mayonnaise to draw cobwebs on the plate of sushis.

Ochikeron has earned kudos on Youtube for her ingenious ways to make interesting treats of Japanese themes, such as Hello Kitty bento box lunch, amazing Pokemon chocolate, and Japanese chocolate candy photo frame.

Another Halloween treat from Ochikeron is Halloween Mummy Ebi (shrimp) Tempura Udon.

I tnink these treats are healthy alternatives to candies. What do you think? Do you make special homemade Halloween treats?