I'd like a small mocha latte with soy and live fish eating the skin off my feet, please. In most cafes that order may possibly get you kicked out or committed, but that's not the case at Gallery and Book Café in the Gangnam. Located right above the BSX clothing store, you'll find this café that offers a special service called "Dr.Fish."

Gallery and Book Café



For 2,000 won [$2.00] you can enjoy a 15 minute fish pedicure. You begin by getting your feet washed and then dipped into a tank where hungry little fish are waiting to eat all the dead skin your feet have to offer. When your 15 minutes are up, your feet are then given a cleansing bubble bath and moisturized with lotion.




There are two types of fish used in these kinds of pedicures. One fish is called the Chinchin from China, and the other is the Garra Rufa from Turkey.


Check out these little fish in action by viewing the video below, and be sure to watch the whole thing, because the camera then moves to the window showing Seoul at night. It's beautiful!