Flower boy oppas are our favorite kind of oppas in the whole wide world! And Boys Over Flowers was one of the first K-dramas to get us to sit up and notice these adorable actors who were just so darn cute. Keeping flower boy tradition alive, is our latest current fave drama, Cinderella and Four Knights. The male leads from this awesome drama are all kinds of cute, and every week battle for the Knight of the Week crown. (Remember to register your vote!) So the question is, when it comes down to comparing the male leads from Boys Over Flowers and Cinderella and Four Knights, who do you think wins the flower boy oppa title? 

Flower boy oppa face off #1: Lee Min Ho vs. Jung Il Woo

Flower boy oppa face off #2: Kim Bum vs. Ah Jae Hyun

Flower boy oppa face off #3: Kim Hyun Joong vs. Lee Jung Shin

Flower boy oppa face off #4: Kim Joon vs. Choi Min Sung

And just so the girls don't feel left out.....Flower girl unni face off #5: Gu Hye Sun vs. Park So Dam

Which oppas and unni do you think deserve the flower crown? 


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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