FanBingBingMoet Fan Bing Bing became the new face of Moët & Chandon, one of the world's largest champagne producers. She is the first Asian to represented the brand since they were founded in 1743. An event was held in Shanghai, China to announce her as the brand's ambassador. A video with a short interview is available below, as well as translation for her interview!
Fan Bing Bing: I'm very honored to have become the brand ambassador for Moët & Chandon Champagne. I'm also very happy to have been selected as the first ambassador of Asian ethnicity, since Moët & Chandon was founded 270 years ago. I'm nervous but also really excited about this opportunity. I'm looking forward to sharing this amazing brand with my fans and friends. Moët & Chandon.
Check out the photos below: FanBingBingSHanghaiMoet 4ÔÂ11ÈÕ£¬ÔÚÉϺ£·¶±ù±ù³öϯij¾ÆÆ·ÅƾٰìµÄʱÉÐÅɶԡ£ FanbingbingMoetChandonChina What do you think about Fan Bing Bing for Moët & Chandon? We think her classy, elegant look goes perfectly! (source:,