Gangnam City Style is at 8-bit style endless runner video game just released for iOS that has quickly become a pretty big hit (it's #3 on Itunes in Korea). For a limited time, it's free to download. Is it worth your 30 seconds to download this bad boy? Well, sort of.

Gangnam Style City puts you in the shiny shoes of a retro Psy as he hops along the rooftops of Gangnam (I guess?), picking up coins, rubies and stacks of green money (maybe 10,000 won bills). Not exactly original, but it is in keeping with the materialistic society parodied in the song. Also, you have to avoid some classic video game obstacles, including burning oil drums and cacti.

As you progress, you see more billboards for other games from app producer Voon, and day turns to night. You also get to hear a pretty rad version of Gangnam Style, if you're into Atari 2600-level sounds.


Is it worth getting? Sure, why not. It's sort of amusing, takes no time (or money) to download, and is easily deleted after 5 minutes when you get tired of it.