If you're going to cover a song, you have to own it, which is exactly what this young Chinese man did on an online singing show, where he sang an opera rendition of Adele's 2011 megahit "Rolling in the Deep." Now both his version, along with Adele's, have been viewed millions and millions of times on the Chinese internet.

Make no mistake about it, this singing contestant is not covering Adele just too get a few laughs. Classically trained, Liao Jialin is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music in Guangdong, and has even appeared in Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro) in 2013 and 2014 in France as the servant Cherubino. He's even performed solo for Pope Francis! So what you're about to see below is not some chump just trying to be funny. It's actually a very well-thought-out performance, one that combines the style of Chinese opera with the dialect of Ningxiang County in the northeastern part of Hunan province. He even sang two lines in the distinct Chinese dialect to spice up the song. For example, after the verse, "rolling in the deep," he belted out, "a pig comes to our Ningxiang County.”

Liao's performance become a viral hit in China right after it was shown on 1.3 Billion Decibel, an online singing show where contestants sing songs in different Chinese dialects. In just 20 days on WeChat, China's widely popular messaging app, the video of Liao singing "Rolling in the Deep" has been viewed over 20 million times. 

Now all there needs to be is a duet.


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